Why do we still need EDM?

You may think that Email Direct Marketing not anymore useful as nobody reads email advertisement or mails even dropped into spam box. Nevertheless, email is still important in 2018. Most critical business communication is still by email, and it is your unique identity over the Internet. Standalone email does not work for marketing, and the following is why us.

4 reasons pnetform EDM differentiates from competitors

Email Direct Marketing - Responsive EDM Design

Responsive EDM Design

Not only website, pnetform builds EDM with the principle of responsiveness! Across most devices, recipients can view the information properly. We never post a big fat image as an email. It is not mobile friendly and it is likely to be going to the trash.

Email Direct Marketing - High Delivery Rate

High Delivery Rate

A lot of EDM companies get your money and put your email into other’s spam folder. pnetform processes in accordance with the GDPR of the European Union and the US’s law. We set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC. We sign every outgoing email and send one by one. Our record for EDM open rate is 25%.

Email Direct Marketing - Full Statistics

Full Statistics

Clients have full access to the number of delivered mails, opened mails and all the feedbacked contact information. It is very similar to Google Analytics. Who gets the useful information and who will be the ultimate winner.

Email Direct Marketing - Call for Action

Call for Action

Business is all about action. We can equip a “call for action” button in the email and recipients can click to submit their contact for further follow-up. More convenient a user can feedback, higher tendency for them to act.

A good Copywriting for digital marketing is primary essentials and the key factor to succeed.

Company profile, service and product introduction, blog post, newsletter and more.

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