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What is Little Red Book marketing in China?

Xiaohongshu (also known as Little Red Book, or RED) is an online community to share life experience and recommendation. It is a social e-Commerce platform and app which allows users to generate content by writing their own notes. RED users will share consumption tips, product reviews, travel and lifestyle via photos and videos. In 2019, there are about 200 million registered users with most born after 1990s (so-called Generation Z). It is also regarded as “Chinese Instagram”. Marketers will arrange celebrities, influencer (a.k.a KOL) and general users to publish attractive notes which engage with the community users. It helps product branding, increases corporate exposure and attracts Chinese tourists to your shops.

The advantage of Little Red Book marketing

Xiaohongshu is the most popular social platform for Generation Z in China. Little Red Book is the best choice for youth product branding and loyalty. Furthermore, millions of users generate content by writing notes and comments and enrich the overall social experience. Via elegant articles, photos and videos, abundant visitors from China are going to your shops including cosmetics, travel, food, fashion and etc. Over 90% of the Xiaohongshu population is post 90s and female, they are enthusiastic with consumption, trend and sharing goodies.


Little Red Book search optimization

Why us for Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) marketing? Because we are experts in Little Red Book search engine optimization (SEO). The common practice for RED users is first to search the relevant keywords, and view the notes on the first return page. In order to increase traffic and engagement, Little Red Book SEO is the best and cost effective way in China digital marketing. The nature of content marketing makes influencers sell your products softly and comfortably to Chinese
consumers. What you need at the very beginning is a broad point to access your influencer note. Our Little Red Book SEO specialist is the one you should go with.


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