pnetform Technology – From Planning to Networking, We Construct a MEGA PLATFORM for Your Business Success!

pnetform Technology believes business grows as its networks stretch out, we are committed to helping our clients stretch the boundaries by building up a MEGA PLATFORM in the digital world.

We provide one-stop solution in:

  • Website Design and Development
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Branding Strategy
  • eDM
  • SEO

pnetform Technology is a Hong Kong company which provides one-stop solution in web design, website development, eCommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to help clients enhance their brands, communicate to a global audience and even incubate new business models in a dynamic way.

pnetform’s collective expertise in user experience (UX), responsive web design (RWD), SEO strategy and digital marketing combines a flair for fresh and striking ideas with innovative technology. We help small and medium enterprises (SME) establish their own brands and online business with reliable eCommerce service and digital marketing tools.

Innovation with technology know-how is our strength. We never stop bringing innovative solutions to our clients, from web functionality, impressive design, technology-aided business model re-engineering solutions and digital marketing campaigns. In every project, our dedicated client- servicing team will step into our client’s shoes to fully understand the business situation or current pain-point so as to build the project ambition with the client.

Our Team

Terry Cheng

WordPress Quality Analyst


It is the minor stuff make things great. Most people can complete 80% of a task but only the excellent elites finish the last mile. Terry devotes himself to WordPress quality to the extreme.


Simon Ng

Website Sales Manager


Sales is all about communication. Simon’s mindful attitude makes client understand what the engineering team requires throughout the project. Simon is the best listener in the web industry.

KW Cheung

Web Consultant


Thanks to the experience in Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, KW loves web design and technology. KW is also fond of the future human-computer interface application on web.

Katrina Wong



More than one decade of marketing exposure, Kat understands clients’ need in copywriting. With the assistant of SEO team, words satisfies not only human but also optimizes for search engines.


Patrick Chan

Website Architect


Similiar to all great architecture, building a website is not only painting on the surface, also the performance and backend functions determines if the web design a success. This is Patrick’s job.

Jeff Gler

Marketing Director


Jeff is very experienced in digital marketing. Jeff has helped number of international firms to boost their brand image, product or service authority and reach.

Pius Nicolas

Design Director


A web designer is a designer understands the material presentable on the web. Pius is an awesome web designer that often clients feel surprised of his great works.



Lead Web Developer


Rolen plays with HTML, CSS and Javascript every day. These are the computer languages for content, style and behavior respectively at the website frontend.

Mae Ann B. Ceniza

Web Developer


Mae Ann is a full stack website developer. She is able to create custom code to build websites that cater to our customers’ design and function demands.

Xyla Tolentino

Junior Web Developer


Xyla is experienced at wordpress frontend and backend developemnt. The website that she created have been built using tailor-made, custom WordPress themes which have been coded from scratch.


SEO Specialist


Bryan is the specialist in technical SEO. It is all about analysis of website and web hosting server performance in terms of search engine friendliness.

Robby Bañez

UI/UX Designer


Robby is an experienced UX and UI designer who makes use of knowledge from the areas of psychology, user research, visual design, and even business to create the best UI/UX
for our clients websites and mobile App.

Lemuel Majam

Quality Assurance Analyst


Lemuel is a Quality Assurance Analyst. His mission is to help web developers deliver the quality websites within the estimated timeline, detecting any issues that might block successful operations or even affect the user experience.

Stephen Lai

Chief Designer


Stephen has over 15 years of experience, with expertise in Advertising, Product & Food Photography, Multimedia and Branding services. He drives our team to deliver high quality standards works to ourclients.


SEO Chief Consultant


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art with scientific mind. Automation cannot generate the best ranking and the critical key is human intelligence.