Content Marketing 101: Why Your Business Should Focus On Content Marketing

A lot of people think content marketing is just about writing content. Technically speaking, this is true. However, not a lot of teams are able to make standout content that encourages a lot of people and their audience to go to their site and check out their products and services – so what gives? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that content marketing isn’t “just” about writing content. It’s about making sure you get to create and curate content that your audience needs, that will be useful to them, and that will let them know how exactly your products and services can help them out with their lives. As easy as this may sound, there’s actually a ton of thinking, planning, and execution involved in the process. 

Thing is, do you really have to go through this much trouble for content marketing? Turns out, this might be a worthy investment. Content marketing isn’t just about creating blogs; it’s reaching out to your audience in the best way. Here’s why content matters for your brand: 

Content Marketing: Get Your Message Across

As mentioned earlier, content marketing has a lot more to do than just finding ways to create and spread content of various means. It’s the fact that you can actually make different sorts of content that sets this kind of marketing apart from its peers. Once you get the hang of content marketing, it’s going to be much easier for you to integrate this across your other marketing methods. So if you’re doubting the power of content with regards to your brand and business, consider the following points: 

  1. Give voice to your brand. One of the most helpful ways you can use content marketing is its capability to give your brand a means to share its message to your consumers. This might not mean anything as of the moment – but it helps to remember that the most iconic brands have a “message” they want to convey. Apple attracts customers because of its “sophistication,” while Nike inspires customers to “just do it.” They’re able to make their brands memorable because they create content that constantly showcases this message to their customers. This might take a while to do on your end, but the result might be worth the while – because you’ll have a brand that people will remember. 
  2. Showcase your expertise on your field. You’ve likely started your business because you want to meet a need in your market. This means you want people to avail your products and services because you provide a “need” that other companies can’t. Content marketing is a good way to show your customers just that. By writing pieces about various issues and topics in your subject matter, you’ll likely start developing an audience-base that will recognize your “expertise” on your chosen field. This is why some travel agencies also have blogs on travel, or how some digital marketing teams have blogs on digital marketing. 
  3. Appeal to search engines without much effort. While a lot of digital marketers do have elaborate search engine optimization (SEO) plans for their campaigns, it helps to know that a good content marketing strategy seamlessly flows into your SEO plans. As you know, good SEO helps your site and your brand’s content get into the “eyes” of search engines like Google – and good SEO means the likelihood of being put “first” into Google’s search listing. If you generate content for your audiences with reliable sources, Google will likely notice the influx of readers going to your website. It’s a win-win for your digital marketing approach. 
  4. Build trust and engagement through your content. One of the most important benefits of content marketing is its capability to help you build a reputation through pieces you write – and without much effort. Once you focus your attention into providing useful pieces of content to your audiences, you’ll immediately start building rapport with them. This is helpful, given that 80-percent of consumers prefer getting familiar with a company through their pieces, and another 70-percent believing that organizations with custom content seem more reliable than others.
  5. Create a customerbase through your pieces. You can use content to drive your conversions, all thanks to your content’s ability to let your customers know exactly why they should avail your products and services. In fact, 61-percent of online customers in the United States decide to make purchases after reading blog recommendations. This is because content marketing allows you to educate and connect with your readers – which can eventually transform them into leads, and eventually customers. 
  6. Customers go back for more. Building on the above, content marketing is a great way of building a relationship with your customer. This is because good content builds positive perception towards you and your brand. Interestingly, you might want to consider how 61-percent of small-to-medium businesses say almost 50-percent of revenue comes from repeat customers. Not to mention, a loyal customer is likely worth up to 10-times as much as their first purchase. This means creating content that can transform a customer into a repeat customer will likely increase your sales in an exponential way. 
  7. Cheap and effective way to get leads. Those who love content marketing often say it’s one of the cheapest marketing strategies available. This is actually true – as content marketing costs around 62-percent less than usual marketing methods. And if you do it right, you can actually get almost thrice (3 times!) as many leads. The tradeoff here is that, while it’s “cheap” to do content marketing, it’s time intensive. You need to spend time making relevant pieces of content and regularly update and share them around your network to gain traction. However, once you build a reputation, the rewards you’ll reap from this hard work will be worth the while. 
  8. Connect to your other marketing campaigns. One of the most important uses of content marketing in your digital marketing adventure is its capability to be used in conjunction with virtually all your other marketing strategies. This is because all marketing approaches need some sort of content – ads need copies, video and graphics make use of copy, social media posts need copy, and even products need effective use of copy – in order to attract customers. You can make articles in conjunction with videos, share your articles through social media, or even promote your articles through your advertisements and vice versa. 

Content Marketing: Give Voice to Your Branding

Remember, content marketing remains important to any branding not just because you have blogs and pieces to make. Content marketing remains important because it’s the best way for you to give voice to your branding’s message. It’s through content marketing’s many forms – be it blogs and articles, e-books and magazines, copy in ads – that helps to consistently give your branding a voice that sets it apart from the competition. Doing your content marketing properly – especially with teams like Pnetform Web Development – will allow you to set yourself apart from your peers, and can establish just how unique your brand is compared to others. Do this right, and content marketing will definitely help you be a juggernaut in your chosen field.