Web Design 101: How Can Good Web Design Boost Growth?

When we talk of web design, it’s not just fancy and artsy graphics – it has a lot to do with creating appeal to your business. How do you make this happen? Well, it helps to start with the reality that web design isn’t just about visuals – it has a lot to do with good branding, and applying artistic principles to ensure your brand speaks the right kind of message with the right kind of intensity. This might seem a bit “subjective,” but a lot of design aspects involved in web design combine both an artistic and technical approach to the subject matter. Here’s how you can utilize web design to help your business grow in the right direction: 

Ensure credibility and trust

When it comes to successful brands, you need to build trust in order to secure leads and generate conversions. Doing this as a new brand isn’t easy, but not impossible. And while this can take a lot of your time and resources, success in this regard can greatly help expand your reach. A good web design can help you achieve trust and credibility, especially since a lot of people like doing pre-purchase research on products and services they’re interested in. 

    • Having a website is a form of advertising and branding in itself. When you meet other people, especially in business forums and conventions, you can hand out cards with your website on them. And when your website starts to become known, the mere mention of your website spark interest in viewers.
    • Websites secure first impressions for customers. When someone visits your site, your website becomes a reflection of your business. If your website barely functions or doesn’t look good, it’ll give them the feeling that your service might be outdated and unreliable. 

Grow with the times and trends

Inasmuch as we want our brand to be unique, sometimes it helps to be a bit like everyone else – especially for business growth. If you want your brand and business to grow its online presence, your website should adapt to the trends of the times as well. This means your website, while unique, should at some point reflect current trends in overall web design and brand marketing. If you integrate today’s trends into your web design, you’ll likely appeal to a larger audience.

  • You can lower a lot of your spending thanks to good web design, especially since building a website can be much more flexible and a ton cheaper than print ads and traditional marketing methods. Imagine – there are free services out there that offer designs that follow the latest trends, and there are teams that can build websites from scratch. Why spend for a traditional campaign that will last a few months, when a website can last for years?
  • A good website design lasts you for years to come, and it can be a great thing to show potential investors. Customers, potential investors, and other people will be able to see what your site is about and what you can offer them. Not only that, but if your site follows recent trends, then they can see that you’re always up to date.

Zero in on the artistic direction of the brand

You might be surprised to learn that web design can actually help you zero in on the kind of art direction you want your branding to have. This is especially if you’re transitioning towards a more digital-first or online-friendly branding, as all the more do you need efficient web design to see how your brand elements blend for a particular output. This lets you see firsthand what the many factors of your brand can do when combined together for a full concept.

    • When you’re in a field with a ton of competition, you have to rely on uniqueness. A good web design practically helps you secure a foothold in your industry, as this sets you apart from competitors in the field.
    • A web design is a good way for you to utilize various elements of your brand. Iconography, symbols, font styles, as well as colors can set your website apart from the rest – and they can help you set the mood and the tone of your business.

User experience can jumpstart lead conversions

You might be surprised as to what a functional and efficient web design can do to conversions when you provide great user experience. In the context of marketing and sales, user experience pertains to the overall experience your user has when using or being exposed to a product or service. When applied to a website, this pertains to how buttons flow together, if images and texts load properly, and if your website is easy to navigate.

  • Good web design helps provide value and satisfaction on the part of customers. When customers find themselves entertained or navigating your website easily, the feeling of “smoothly navigating a site” can form good impressions to them. 
  • Good web design – especially with features like comments and sharing – allows customers to communicate with you directly. This eliminates the need to call landlines that might not work, and going to physical stores. 

Streamline your website functions

Regardless of whether your website will be used as a blog or an entire ecommerce site, a web design can be used to streamline all the features and functions you want your site to have. This lets you not only have a functioning website, but a website with elements that work properly, synergises properly, and fits properly with your website’s intention. For instance, blogs need to have media functionalities. Meanwhile, ecommerce sites can benefit from an inventory feature.

  • Web design offers a wide range of functionalities and features for you. Modern designs now allow you to integrate features like ecommerce – meaning your website can be a virtual store, removing the need to create physical shops, and the barriers of geography.
  • Good web design can appeal to a lot of people especially if it’s working properly. If your web design runs smoothly 24/7, you’ll likely attract a lot of customers. 

Make sure people can reach you anywhere

While a lot of people might say you should do business in social media, we won’t know when any of these social media sites will shut down. Instead, try to focus on maintaining and growing an efficient website as this allows you to always have a place to reach out to you. Good web design makes this process much easier for people to do, as your web design might incorporate methods of communication that can be helpful to tasks at hand.

  • Good web design allows you reach a global audience, even if you focus your marketing solely on your website. Remember, the internet can be reached by almost everyone around the world – meaning if you have a good and responsive web design, you’ll likely find your site accessed by a lot of people. 


Good Web Design Tackles a Good Message

With the above tips in mind, it helps to realize that successful web design has a lot to do with sending the right message. Remember, when you hire a graphic design team to handle your web design needs, you’re not just paying them to make your fancy designs. You’re hiring them to ensure your web design’s artistic direction follows your brand and your intended message. If you’re having a hard time getting that design right, you can hire Pnetform Web Development for your design needs. Our experience dealing with web design for both our Hong Kong and international-based clients can allow us to help you nail that web design needs.