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Web design cost in Hong Kong 2019

When we talk about designing and developing a new website, the very first thing for the decision maker of a company to consider is the cost. Web design price is never transparent in the industry because it is really depending on a variety of factors such as the degree of customization, technicality and functionality and so on. Moreover, a website is absolutely important for the digital marketing and public awareness of the brand in long term. We should also consider the reliability of Hong Kong web design service provider.

In this article, we will take the web design service of pnetform Technology as an example to show you how we calculate the web design fee of an ordinary website design and development project. All the fee mentioned in this post is in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and valid till May 2019. You shall compare our web design fee with market participants from individual freelancers to corporate IT solution providers.

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Website nature

pnetform classifies websites into several types. For most companies, the foundation is a corporate informative website. An informative website provides all the necessary information required for potential customers, suppliers and investors to understand the background and what business the company does. It should include the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Company introduction
  • Service/Products introduction
  • Contact

Around several years ago, there was fashion of one-page web design which was nice in mobile view. However, one-page web design was found not SEO friendly and we don’t recommend nowadays. (Know more about SEO Service)

The basic web design fee of an informative website is HKD 20,000. Based on this fundamental fee, we further provide product catalog website, blogger website and online shop. The cost is about HKD 30,000. This is the core cost of a website design project and we can see the price from other web design freelancers to digital agency is about HKD 5,000 – HKD 150,000. On the other hand, platforms like Wix, Shopify, Shopline and etc charge on a recurring basis. For example, an online shop of Shopline costs you HKD 13,750 annually. The huge difference is due to the experience of the designer, code fineness, project management expertise and so on. We often make an analogy between interior design and web design that both come with a wide range of pricing.

website design and development budget
The nature of a website contributes the most for the project budget

Number of pages, languages and products

Another factor is the scale of the project. It is reflected by the number of pages, languages and products and so on. Take a look at pnetform web design project, we include the design of 6 web pages in the basic plan that would satisfy the majority. It costs around HKD 1,200 for each extra page under condition. Our website development package cover two languages (typically Traditional Chinese and English in Hong Kong) and one extra language costs about 30% to 60% of the whole project, depending on the complexity. For product catalog or online shop, we help clients to upload 10 standard products and HKD 2,000 for every extra 10 products.

scale of web design
web design cost is more or less linear to the scale of the project

Extra module

The price of extra modules takes a proportion in the overall budget. Most of the extra modules provided by pnetform Technology is for online shop. For example, a module of booking functionality which is essential for a professional service business costs HKD 10,000. Moreover, the multi-vendor module and the multi-membership module also takes from HKD 6,000 to HKD 10,000 and so on. Nevertheless, most of the modules require a customized quotation and we welcome for any inquiries.

extra web development module
extra web development module


Additional services

Besides the main professional charge of web design and development, pnetform also provides a variety of additional services to complete the web project as a one-stop solution. If there is no word for your website, we get you copywriting service. When you are out of mind for the company branding, we can include the web design as part of the online branding strategy. Very importantly, we can enhance website traffic and conversion by SEO Service.


or a corporate informative website, we believe that a web design budget of HKD 30,000 in average is sufficient to complete everything you need. As mentioned above, the overall price depends on the design, scale and functionality of the website. In pnetform, we serve all clients from basic package to a project with a budget of HKD 300,000. We promise that every dollar spent is worth and valuable.

To know more about web design and development, please contact Hong Kong web design company pnetform Technology.