5 Advanced Content Promotion Strategies You Need To Check Out


Content marketing isn’t just about creating content. A huge part of content marketing lies in knowing precisely where to best share your content, and how audiences can best access your brand through your content. If you’re looking to boost your marketing potential, especially in terms of doing content marketing in a local level like in Hong Kong, content promotion definitely remains as an integral of things you need to pay close attention to. Upping the ante on your content marketing in Hong Kong also means knowing precisely how to do content promotion for both your local and international audience. In this article are some advanced content promotion strategies that can definitely improve your push for more powerful content marketing for your brand.

  • Create Content To Fuel Distribution Across Your Networks
  • Add Your Original Research To A Trending Topic
  • Use Message Boards As A Springboard To Discuss Topics
  • Tap Into Remarketing To Keep Engagements On A High Note
  • Rank Faster With Paid Promotion, Should You Have The Resources
  • Advanced Content Promotion Needs Consistency To Thrive

Create Content To Fuel Distribution Across Your Networks

When you want your brand to “go viral,” you’d most likely think you need to create “viral” content, right? However, “pushing” for content to be viral will most likely end up not working in your favor. Instead, it would be very much more helpful on your end to actually make content for the sake of creating good content. Don’t focus on having to distribute them across your networks. This can be a part of your strategy, but make sure content you create are worth sharing in the first place. Focus on long form content that prioritizes important keywords and points other people are taking note of, and rely on effective usage of trends in order to gain traction in social media.

  • Create content not just for being viral, but content that can actually be shared. Always make sure the content you’re making is relevant to your viewers. If your content is relevant and timeless, it’s more likely to be shared than others.
  • Make content compatible with your various networks. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even emails have ways of dealing with content that may or may not work depending on what you need to show your viewers.

Add Your Original Research To A Trending Topic

If you want to take advantage of a trending topic, a hot keyword, or even a popular subject, you’ll likely “just” make content about it. Some content marketers try to think of an easy way out of this situation – they just make content and pretty much paraphrase what they find online. Sadly, plagiarism checkers have evolved and will likely catch up with content marketers that slack off in terms of making original content. And this is for good reason – if you want to up the ante on your content marketing, you will really need to create more original content. Even if you tap into trending topics, adding your original spin to it definitely makes a mark with search engines. This will likely position you to be just as important as other popular pages, as you’ve added a unique approach on the subject matter.

  • Original research can go a long way. Your own study or your own research can prove to audiences that you’re a credible website, and that you take your time to study what you’re writing.
  • Original research can also bring about original content, which allows you to set your mark in your industry as someone that provides unique content to audiences and doesn’t rehash others’ statements.

Use Message Boards As A Springboard To Discuss Topics

If you’re looking for a way to identify hot topics you can make content about, you’ll likely find them in the form of message boards and other forums. Reddit and Quora are just some of the most used message boards out there, and people actively engaging in these forums will likely be looking into these same boards for discussions on various topics.

  • This means if you want to up the ante on your content promotion, you’ll likely find luck promoting them in these message boards.
  • Not only that, you can tap into popular topics of these message boards and use them as springboards for your discussion. This allows you to be in a position to share your new content with people actually interested in reading them.

Tap Into Remarketing To Keep Engagements On A High Note

Instead of spending thousands of hard-earned money into gambling with ads and marketing campaigns that may or not work in your favor, you can always tap into what you’ve already used and “repurpose” them for new audiences. This “remarketing” of advertisements and other forms of content can help make sure you use effective pieces of content to engage with new customers, and make them appear new for other people to remember why your branding is likely popular in the first place. This also helps you avoid the risk of having to try entirely new strategies when you can experiment with “hot” trends and popular aesthetics with existing copy and advertisements that may be able to attract more audiences.

  • Check which of your previous campaigns and advertisements work, and see if it’s possible to repurpose them on a modern setting. This “immortalizes” your branding and gives you air of consistency.
  • Remarketing your advertisements saves a ton of time and money on your end, as this allows you to experiment with new concepts at a lower cost.

Rank Faster With Paid Promotion, Should You Have The Resources

If you have the capacity to save up for an investment, it ought to be paid social promotion. While organic social promotion remains an ideal way of promoting your content, boosting your presence with paid promotion every once in a while can make a huge difference with the kind of traffic you can garner for your content marketing needs. If you have a form of content – such as a post – that needs promotion on a wider scale, you can really rely on paid promotion to get it out to the most eyes and the most ears possible. This can also potentially boost not only your revenue from ads, but your revenue from various other departments related and directly connected to that particular piece of content.

  • If you have the resources, paid promotion can definitely be worth the while if you want to boost particular posts. You don’t need to do this all the time, but the occasional paid promotion can bring in the kind of audiences you need.
  • Reserve paid promotion for content materials that really need the additional traction. This at least ensures you’re spending money on things worth the investment.

Advanced Content Promotion Needs Consistency To Thrive

With the above in mind, it helps to understand that content promotion has a lot more to do than just “posting” and “sharing” your content in various channels. Once you understand precisely what works and what doesn’t when it comes to using more complex content promotion strategies, you can effectively level up your content marketing experience. If you’re doing this in specific locations such as Hong Kong, your content marketing in Hong Kong will definitely reach more localized and more precise audiences given the right usage of content promotion techniques.