5 Ways To Tweak Your Google Business Profile For Foot Traffic

A Google Business Profile can ensure everyone gets to reach you wherever and whenever they need to. After all, this lets you use Google’s resources to immediately “establish” yourself as a place of business in its rankings. You might not get to the kind of “exposure” you need to in the front pages, but a Google Business Profile will definitely help ensure people can at least get to you when they look for your business. However, a Google Business Profile isn’t just a way for you to place yourself in Google Maps properly, and for people to look at your profile for mobile numbers. If you use this correctly, you may very well find a way to actually establish your business with such a potentially-powerful platform. This is why marketing teams such as Pnetform Web Development also try to make sure their clients get the best kind of exposure possible in their chosen SEO tools, and part of this is ensuring your Google Business Profile is something advantageous to your business goals. How does this work, though?

What’s A Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profiles work in the same way as the yellow pages. Whereas businesses have their names, addresses, and contact details in a small section, Google Business Profiles will let you have those and a bit more up your sleeve. In fact, there are a lot of tools inside Google Business Profiles that are often left unattended because they “seem” confusing, or because they are in corners that are normally hidden unless you specifically look for them. In fact, some “tweaks” in these pages can really bring a great deal of help to your campaigns.

People who take the time to build their Google Business Profile can add handy bits of information that can solidify your place in your brand. You can attach this profile to your store’s Google Maps entry, and you can even make sure people get directed to your store when you they look for certain products. These are just some of the many ways you can actually take advantage of Google Business Profiles. In fact, there’s a way to use this to the fullest. Here are some of those methods:  

Don’t Forget To Include All Necessary Data

Just like how it’s important to keep your data accurate when filing for important papers, Google Business pages function best with the right kind of information. This is because Google Business Profiles essentially act as extensions to your SEO. As such, it’s important to maintain as accurate as information as possible, so that the rest of SEO tools you can use to compliment your Google Business Profile won’t need much assistance to push through. This seems like a small deal, but accuracy can go a long way when it comes to Google Business Profiles, and much especially SEO.

  • Collect and give out all the necessary data you have, such as your contact details and address. This matters in helping to ensure your profile stays accurate and up-to-date.
  • When you don’t have specific information that your page is looking for, try to complete it as soon as possible, so you wouldn’t have much worries making sure your information stays up to date.

Keywords Help Establish Your Presence

As mentioned a while ago, Google Business Profiles bank on a great deal on the information you plug in to increase your SEO potential. This applies with keywords you use as well. You may not notice it, but the kind of words you put in your business pages are taken into account when Google evaluates your brand and your SEO approach. If you include relevant keywords across your Google Business Profile content, that’s another shot at you ensuring Google recognizes not just your brand, but the keywords you want to rank in, and the kind of niche you’re in. This can be very powerful, especially if you want to up the ante on your SEO game.

  • When you make your profile, make sure you already use keywords that aren’t just popular in your niche, but also keywords people in your area use. This can enhance the SEO power of your page.
  • Try to make sure you keep yourself up to date with keywords and popular phrases in your niche, so you can always update your profile accordingly.

Posts Matter To Prospects

Don’t forget to make posts about your business and your brand. While a Google Business Profile is no Facebook or other popular social media site, it does help to make sure your Google Business presence stays updated with important news about your brand. This allows you to inform customers just exactly what happens in your brand and in your restaurant in a major way. This also helps you avoid misunderstandings and attract customers properly, as they know your business is alive, well, and kicking. This can bolster a huge advantage when it comes to attracting the right kind of audiences, as they’re mostly the one checking your profile for relevant information.

  • Actively update your Google Business page with promos, discounts, and other forms of information about your company and brand. This also lets them know you’re “active” and operating.
  • When updating with posts, make sure to include posts that are short, sweet, and concise. This keeps the viewers’ attention.

Interact With Your Customers

Another essential aspect of building upon your Google Business Profile has less to do with the profile itself, and more on what you do with it. It helps to actually actively invest time in talking with your customers. If you start actively replying and commenting on sections like reviews given to your website, you’ll likely establish yourself as a brand that actually cares about what customers say and mention to them. This can easily start grabbing attention, and can give a good impression that you’re actually a company that prioritizes what they believe in. While this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with modifying the Google Business Profile, it does involve rather using it to the fullest in your advantage.

  • React and reply to reviews if ever possible, and try not to be negative on user responses. Acknowledging their concerns and trying to offer solutions always help.
  • Try to use this opportunity to plug your other websites or other products and services to your customers when interacting with them through your page.

Photos Add Flavor To Your Description

Lastly, it helps to remember that photos and multimedia content aren’t necessarily “bad” for Google Business Profiles. And while it might take time to get the right kind of photos for your business, you’ll add a huge depth of flavor to your Google Business Profile when customers see your business in action, or even see your products. This allows them to be able to form better impressions of your company with what you’re showing, and this easily establishes trust between you and your customers.

  • Include images of your products and your services as much as possible. If it’s possible for you to take pictures of your products being used, do so as well.
  • Try to include images of people in your profile. Don’t include just your employees or just your customers. Try to get a good mixture of both to let audiences know your company is also “human” or has emotions.
Google Business Profiles Ups The Ante In Brand Marketing

Google Business Profiles Ups The Ante In Brand Marketing

If the above is to be considered, perhaps the best key strength of Google Business Pages would be in its uncanny ability to help ensure your business gets the kind of exposure it needs to your audience and customers. Google Business Pages aren’t “one-stop” shops for successful business campaigns, though. These pages are indeed powerful components to “anchor” your audiences to your brand, but it’s still up to you to ensure your approach to your marketing will take full advantage of your Google Business Pages. In this regard, it’s important to always keep in mind that you should optimize your Google Business Page not just for your website, but for your overall SEO campaign in general. Used correctly, your Google Business Page may actually be the kind of boost you need to ensure the rest of your plans work.