Content Marketing Predictions For 2019 And Beyond


A lot of business owners and marketers will likely consider the recent years as groundbreaking for content marketing. After all, new approaches in local marketing, a thrust towards personalized experiences, and better tools for SEO have paved the way for more efficient and powerful branding techniques. In content marketing alone, consumers and business owners have seen a rise in more personalized content, more screen time for influences, vloggers and bloggers, and an emphasis on making flexible and enduring content pieces. However, just as these recent years have changed a lot in the digital marketing game, 2019 and beyond might have us see an interesting future for businesses and content marketing

If you want to get a head start in your digital marketing efforts, it helps to rely on a good team to make sure you’re on the right track. Teams like Pnerform Web Development can help you stay up to date with the latest in content marketing trends, but at the same time make sure you have the methods to apply them to your business. Our keen eye on SEO and other content marketing technicalities fit quite well with our creative approach to branding, and this is a perspective we apply to our clients’ needs to ensure they also get only the best marketing can offer. Understanding the trends below can also help shed light to why we recommend particular approaches to our clients. This is why trends suggested below don’t only deal with the content side of content marketing, but also on production and distribution. 

Keywords Evolve For Your Content

Keywords remain integral for content marketers not just for their ability to attract audiences, but also to set your brand up for search engines. After all, the right keywords can definitely boost traction for your website and get you known in your particular field. Not to mention, search engines also use keywords to identify just what kinds of words, topics, and concepts your brand wants to be known for. However, it helps to take note of keywords that “lose” traction and use keywords that become popular in your field. Even if certain keywords remain strong, it helps to observe their performance to know just when they can be an asset to your brand. In short, plan for your approach to content.

  • Being more vigilant with your keywords can be a good habit to develop this year moving forward. Just because keywords you like today aren’t ranking doesn’t mean they’ll forever stay that way. Observe how keywords perform every now and then to have an idea how to use them in the future.
  • Just because we said “research keywords” doesn’t mean stick to that, though. Being careful counts, especially in this time where there’s a ton of changes going on to digital marketing. Plan for your content releases so you can have a better idea how to adjust in the future.
Incredibly Good for Your Website and Blog

Multimedia Content Adds Undeniable Flavor

Colors add flavor and life to art, and the same thing could be said to content marketing. When we say “content,” it’s not just about blogs and articles. It helps to take advantage of opportunities to make multimedia content in order to present a unique slate of offerings for your viewers and readers. Be aware of the kinds of multimedia content you can use to present various subjects in your niche. Strategies like video content, graphics and photographs, and even infographics can do a great deal to add life to your content offerings. 

  • Given how there’s a ton of platforms for you to make more kinds of content, it’s no surprise people also get hooked in multimedia content. Take advantage of videos, graphics, infographics, and other sorts of materials for your needs.
  • Don’t just stick to “consumable” multimedia content, try to also use other tools to your advantage. Get word of your offerings and services out there through technologies like chatbots and AI, as they can also be used in this regard.

Flexibility, Updates Make Your Content Last

When you want to make “efficient” content, it’s not just meeting keywords and link requirements. A huge part of successful content marketing banks on the idea that you can make content that lasts. This also means you should be capable and be well aware of what kind of content needs constant updates, and which can be flexible enough to be useful for a long time. Achieving this can be tricky given approaches to the subject differ in different fields. However, point is, you need to make sure content you make can be periodically updated and “refreshed” so people always get something to read about.

  • Aside from multimedia content, it helps to remember that media we use to release content have started to become more flexible, and even diversify. We use a ton of devices to get our content, and not just laptops, smartphones, and tablets. There are car-related devices, televisions, speakers, kindles, and other Internet-of-Things options. Consider these outlets as well when making content.
  • Don’t forget to make sure your content stays updated. Information travels fast, and data you’re sharing now can be obsolete in a few months. Be on your toes when writing content, so you can write pieces that last.

Natural Always Works To Reel People In

A lot of people think just because SEO relies on an algorithm means you just need to meet its “preferences” to rank high in search engines and get traction. This isn’t the case. Search engines such as Google rely not just on you “meeting X requirements” to get good traction. In fact, some argue search engines have become “smart” to the point of preferring content written and created with as much “natural” flow as possible. This means you need to make content as though you’re not paying attention to your SEO requirements. Instead, make content that’s personalized for your users. Why? Because natural content can also be naturally appealing. 

  • Consumers expect more personalized content, especially because products and services offered to them can be personalized to fit their needs. This means you need to approach content from this perspective as well. Maintain flexibility across your content by making sure you release periodical articles and pieces that fit particular demographics within your user-base.
  • Try to avoid clickbait articles entirely. Don’t just rely on immediate emotional connections to attract people to your content. People have started become more critical of content people release, so it helps to be more critical with how you write as well.

With the above in mind, it helps to always remember that content marketing strategies always evolve depending on the trends of the times. This means it’s really wise to keep yourself on the loop of not just what’s happening in content marketing, but in your field in general. Identifying key interesting developments in marketing and in your field can help you zero in on the kind of improvements and modifications you can apply to your content marketing in the future. Likewise, it also helps to stay on top of which trends in your field and digital marketing can stay for the long term or will only be there for a short while. This means you need to be more keen on trends and developments you want to adapt before immediately applying them to your company and your branding.

If you ever find yourself a bit lost on how to apply modern content marketing principles to your branding, companies and teams like Pnetform Web Development can definitely help you out. Our keen eye on observation and analysis can help not only improve your approach in your content, but your marketing thrust in general. It helps to put trust in teams like Pnetform as we apply not only our technical knowledge on content marketing trends, but also make sure our consultations are based on the impact of these marketing trends to different kinds of businesses. This means you’ll get to know not just how to use a particular marketing trend, but know precisely how to make use of it efficiently for your brand.