Top 5 Chinese Search Engines You Need to Care About

Top 5 Chinese Search Engines

If you want to invest in entering the Hong Kong market, you need to understand that the way things work. Here can be vastly different compared to the West and the rest of the globe. As one of the world’s most budding markets, Hong Kong is ripe with potential. And if you use your company’s resources properly. You can make marketing, sales, and profit a stunning success for your business. In order to do that, you need to start with improving your marketing game. If you want your business to appeal to the Hong Kong market, you’ve got to know the top 5 Chinese search engines your audiences will likely be using.

Investing In Search Engines: These Websites Help In SEO, Profit

In today’s day and age, consumers have become more accessible through the internet, and in response marketers and business owners have also gone digital with their marketing and sales endeavors. As such it helps to understand just what makes your consumers “tick,” and a huge part of this has to do with SEO or search engine optimization. Remember, when we talk of SEO, it’s not just to appeal to search engines. We make use of SEO because we are well aware that audiences actively engage with search engines to look for their needs, and being on these search engine’s listings can greatly improve the chances of acquiring talents. If you want to get the attention of a huge market such as Hong Kong. It helps to understand how search engines work in the market, here are the country’s top search engines. To get you started:

1. Baidu dominates the market.

Here’s what a lot of people say about Baidu. It’s that it’s considered as China’s top search engine. The search engine was founded by Robin Li as far back as 2000, so it makes sense if a lot of people say Baidu knows how to approach the Chinese market. In fact, 72-percent of users in China actually prefer Baidu because of its understanding of the market so far. Baidu has become so reliable. That it’s considered the third most-used search engine all around the world.

  • If you want your company to appeal to Chinese consumers, Baidu offers less competition. Being a completely Chinese search engine, you can expect Baidu to help your company and brand rise to the top – provided you also provide a Chinese language site. This can prove difficult for brands who were used to speaking English.
  • Ranking first in Baidu can be difficult, especially since a lot of ads are on the first page. Regardless, if it means getting through Baidu’s huge Chinese market, working hard to improve your SEO game might be worth the while.
  • You can better rank in Baidu if you use its other products. It has Baike, or its Wikipedia-like website. You can also engage with customers in Zhidao, which is its question-and-answer service. You can also make use of Wenku, which is Baidu’s file sharing platform.

2. Sogou reigns in organization.

While Baidu dominates because of its market understanding, Sogou is at the top when it comes to its organization game. Having launched in 2004, Sogou remains popular for users because of its superb and well-organized product. Its web application showcases a lot of these features, and it has over 400-million users worldwide. Those who want to make use of pay-per-click advertising might find a goldmine with Sogou.

  • Having been acquired by TenCent. You can take advantage of Sogou’s search engine capabilities to sift through posts, articles, and public messages in the whole of WeChat.
  • This is helpful, as you can have access to public content made by a billion WeChat users. Likewise, you have a billion audiences to potentially see your content through Sogou.

3. is reliable in terms of security.

If you want a more secure search engine, you might want to go for It’s launched in 2005 by Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., which is a known Chinese internet security company. Together with its founders Qi Xiangdong and Zhou Hongyi, provides a robustly secure search engine.

  • It’s capable of blocking fake websites, and its security features can help users feel more confident. That their browsing activities are safe from prying eyes.

4. Youdao boasts a huge data storage potential.

Youdao is popular to its users because of its capacity to store huge amounts of data. This lets users easily search for things over the internet, including news, blogs, images, and webpages. Found by Chinese internet company NetEase back in 2007, Youdao has grown to be quite the reliable search engine for its users.

  • For shoppers. Youdao appears to be the best bet too, as it’s just recently launched Hui Hui back in 2012. It’s a shopping assistant that can help you compare and contrast prices of items online. This can make it much easier for you to appeal to shoppers in your audience base.

5. WeChat Search dominates mobile search

Who could forget WeChat, when it’s one of the most popular social apps in the world? And we can’t underestimate WeChat’s popularity – and usefulness – in China. In as far back as 2007, WeChat has had a search engine feature. It’s been constantly evolving since, and today is a good time to rely on WeChat for your mobile search needs – especially since a ton of companies, brands, and services have apps integrated to the WeChat ecosystem.

  • While its search engine feature is extremely helpful, you can leverage on your content to promote your brand – especially if it has a WeChat-supported app. Remember, WeChat offers a ton of integrated mini-apps from brands that are accessible by its 1-billion user base. If your mini-app because easily accessible, your brand can be part of the limelight.
  • It’s partnership with Sogou through TenCent means content you make on WeChat can become available in Sogou as well. Likewise, content you make on Sogou becomes available on WeChat. Being able to penetrate two (2) search engines with carefully-tailored content can make your SEO budget worth investing in.

Search Engines For Marketing: Go Local For Reach

Search Engines For Marketing: Go Local For Reach

If you’re improving your search engine game, it helps to get to know your market in various dimensions. It’s not enough to be familiar with your target consumers and audiences from your consumer matrix and audience personas alone. Most of the time, successful businesses rely on data they actually get to see and observe to make reliable moves around their brands. This makes them successful, as their observations help them make more informed decisions that sometimes brings them at the top of their game. Their strategy is also why sometimes these companies tend to make sudden moves and gambles that may prove useful in the long run.

In this article, you were acquainted. To five (5) popular Chinese search engines. All of which with their unique characteristics, traits, and approaches to SEO. With the above in mind, your general understanding of the Hong Kong market in the digital and search engine aspect should hopefully widen and broaden. If you think you need a bit of assistance with appealing to your Hong Kong audience from a search engine aspect, our team at Pnetform Web Development may be able to give the kind of insights you’ll need for your search engine marketing goals.