Web Development In Hong Kong: Important Cost Estimates For A Website

Hong Kong can be considered one of the best places to build a business, precisely because it’s filled with all sorts of audiences and markets. So if you want your brand to get known in Hong Kong, you might want to start web development in Hong Kong for your audiences there. Where do you start, though? How much does it cost to build a website in Hong Kong?


The thing with building websites, especially for diverse markets like Hong Kong, is that it needs a lot of money to create and manage. The more features you want in your site, the more money you will likely have to spend in order to get everything to work. Just the idea of having to spend for a website can be daunting, especially for first-timers. However, studying ahead and identifying costs for making a site can make things much easier to handle. 


Website Essentials? What Does Your Website Need?

Before we move on to the exact price of web development in Hong Kong, you need to know what exactly it is that we need in the first place. Building a website is costly because it’s not just a website you’re paying for, but rather a website and the components that come with it. These include:



  • Domain name, which is the address of your website. You need to secure this, as this makes your website unique from the rest. Maintaining ownership of this name also has its costs.
  • Website platform, which is what you’ll use to build your website. This can be a wide variety of software such as WordPress, Weebly, or Wix.
  • Website hosting, which is responsible for making sure your website works all the time. This depends on the kind of website builder you use. 
  • Custom services and features, which include built-in features and services unique to the kind of website and brand you have. These include having online stores, blogs and webpages, games, or even other offerings. 


With these many considerations in mind, you need to make sure you allot a realistic budget for your web development in Hong Kong. Having too little of a budget might put your website in jeopardy, especially if you don’t have the budget to maintain your website for a few years. Double-check the amount you’ve allotted for your budget before building a website, and before adding in features. 


The Cost: How Much Do These Cost?

Given the above, there’s actually some considerations to take in mind whenever you want to proceed with web development in Hong Kong. There are some items you have to pay for once, and sometimes regularly for the maintenance, stability, and growth of your website. Website building can go from HKD 784.53 (USD 100) to HKD 3,922.64 (USD 500). Extremely custom-build sites can reach as high as HKD 235, 358 (USD 30,000). These all depend on the items you want to include, such as:


  • Your website needs to have an allocated budget for web hosting and domain name. These are relatively small parts of your budget you need to maintain annually. Your domain name maintains an “address” people can use to go to your website, while your web host makes sure your website remains stable. 


    • For the domain name, you usually need to allot HKD 117.61 (USD 14.99) annually to keep it under your name. This is important if you want to maintain the stability of your site. 
    • For the web host, you may need to pay as much as HKD 62.69 (USD 7.99) every month. Your web host can be costly because this is a service that maintains your website.
    • Some services offer the two of these as a package you can pay for as low as HKD 869.87 (USD 110.87) annually. Of course, choose this only if you’re using the service provider of both the domain name and the web developer.   



  • Design makes the dream work, but unfortunately there are costs for creativity. If you want to invest in a creative team to help with your website design, you need to invest a bit of money in order for them to be able to create your dream website. 




  • This means you need to pay your team depending on the research, wireframing, and UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design. Research involves getting all the creative elements together before being wireframed or converted into a layout that can be executed. Meanwhile, your user interface has to do with all the elements necessary to build a good user experience.


    • As such, website design can go for as fast as 15 hours (HKD 5,884.99 or USD 750) to as long as 80 hours (HKD 31,386.60 or USD 4,000) depending on how much work you want to be done for your site.



  • Front-end ensures your visitors have all the means of interacting with your website. When it comes to web design, it’s front-end development that usually takes a lot of the bulk because of how much it can affect audience perception. This is because this is literally what people see first on the website. The front-end consists of everything your users interact with, including webpages, buttons, and the like.



    • Due to the intricate nature of front-end development, there’s a lot of QA testing involved on the matter. Tests and other things to consider are the complexity of your animations, and the adaptiveness and responsiveness of your website.
    • With the above in mind, you can more or less estimate the time needed to complete front-end development to be around 20 hours (HKD 7,846.85 or USD 1,000) to up to 250 hours (HKD 98,085.62 or USD 12,500). 



  • Back-end makes sure everything in the website works. While the front-end ensures visitors have various website elements to interact with, it’s the back-end that makes sure these elements do their job. Back-end comes to play when users click buttons or want to interact with the various features of your site. 



    • Back-end development involves a ton of coding and development. Considerations you need to have on this regard include complex queries, processing non-standard data such as audio, or integration with third-party services.
    • The above takes time to configure as well, which means time you’ll spend in this process can range from 80 hours (HKD 31,386.60 or USD 4,000) to as long as 250 hours (HKD 98,085.62 or USD 12,500). 



  • Custom features require a bit of planning and evaluation. Aside from your core website, which can be composed of a homepage and some inside pages, you might want to consider adding some more features to make your website fit your niche. Of course, these services have different classifications, all of which have different budgets of their own. 



    • A CMS or a content management system allows you to edit, manage, and create content on website resources. This is handy as this may help you manage site yourself and not always call on web developers for the assist. Developing a CMS can take as long as 60 hours (HKD 23,540.40 or USD 3,000) to as long as 180 hours (HKD 70,621.20 or USD 9,000). 
    • If you want a dedicated eCommerce feature into your website, you need additional considerations in mind. Aside from SSL certification for your site, you need people to maintain the eCommerce store and make sure it works perfectly. Some website builders already have built-in eCommerce capabilities, which can get pretty handy. On average, annual costs for a basic eCommerce website can cost you HKD 1,490.53 (USD 190). 
    • Regardless of your choices, these additional features can actually cost from HKD 3,922.52 (USD 500) to HKD 7,845.05 (USD 1,000). 


Website Building: The Hong Kong Perspective

With the above in mind, you might be surprised to find out that building a website in Hong Kong needs quite a ton of considerations on your end. And it’s good effort on your end to search for estimated website costs as early as now, so you wouldn’t experience as much conflict when organizing your web development efforts in the future. 


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