Some essential tips to write SEO-Friendly Content

SEO has a lot of important practices that help to optimize your site according to the search engine algorithms.

Content is one of the important facts that need some special focus on ranking higher than your competitors.

Remember, the content holds the majority of the SEO and if your content is not potential then you won’t be getting high on the Search engine result page.

There are multiple strategies to apply to the article for making it optimized for SEO.

In this article, we will discuss some of the tips for making your article better at SEO.


What is SEO-Friendly Content?

The SEO-friendly content means that the writing is completely optimized to the search engine’s guidelines. Writing the SEO-friendly content would help to increase the ranking over specific keywords.

However, if you have friendly content then it would also increase the readability which means you would get a better response from the users that are viewing your content.

Google always looks for quality content on your website for showing the best user experience. SEO-friendly content makes the crawler easy to index your article as well as rank it higher than other websites.

When your content is optimized, it would be easier for the search engine spiders to easily find your website and rank for it.

Tips for writing SEO-optimized content

1.   Add the stunning heading

The heading is the first thing about the article and you should make a stunning headline for better attraction to the viewers.

The headline is the thing that would appear in the search results and if it is not attractive then you would not get the click on it.

The headline should be optimized which includes the keyword as well as it should be able to explain the whole of the article.

Your Title shouldn’t be clickbait”.

One of the bad practice what most of the content writers or webmasters do is the clickbait title. Clickbait title means that you are writing something different in the title while you are showing something else in the article.

This way, you are making the readers won’t be getting what they are looking for in the title.

Different tools can help in making SEO-optimized title like HubSpot, Portent.


2.   Add sub-headings

If the user is asking a specific query on the search engine, then there are chances that your sub-heading is appearing in the result.

The Sub-heading helps to divide the content into multiple sections for better skimming. For example, if a user is looking for a quick answer to their question then the best way to do it is to read the sub-heading and get an idea of it.

The more you add the sub-headings, there are more chances of better clarity. Seeing it from the aspect of the SEO, you should use H2 for the sub-heading.


3.   Internal and external linking

When you are writing the content, you should add some internal linking to your previous content. The internal linking helps to increase the session rate because the user would get maximum information about this.

Internal linking helps the user to get some relevant information about the topic and you can make the navigation through internal linking.

External linking is useful because it increases the authenticity of your writing. External linking means linking the external websites for sending the readers to an external source.

For example, you are copying the fact from another website and external linking can help to prove that fact.

Remember, adding too many internal and external links would decrease the readability. So adding 3-4 links into a 1000-words article is enough for SEO.

4.   Focus on the length of the article

Google always looks for the lengthier articles because they are better for user experience as well as for the delivery of the article.

However, to make your content better, you should always write the content with 1000+ words.

Google always loves the article which has the listing and this is the reason why most of the articles with the listings, rank higher.

Here is an example of how listing articles rank higher:

SEO experts, Brian Dean and Neil Patel, founder of backlinks and UberSuggest respectively, usually write the article with over 3000+ words and this is the reason behind getting a high rank.


5.   Add visualization

Visualization is a great way to engage the user with your content but for that, you need to add the most relevant pictures to your content.

The best way to add visualization is to completely optimize your images and then add them to your content.

Visualization is a great way to increase the understanding of the customers especially when you post the images of the real-time examples.


6.   Make your writing effective

Content is the main element in the SEO-friendly website because the content is the fact that brings the audience.

However, to get more engagement from the customers, you should have effective writing skills which might be possible through the tools.

Some of the tips for making your content effective is written below:

·       Article rewriter

This is an online tool that is utilized to rewrite the sentence. When you are writing a non-native language then there are chances the selection of the words is poor while it doesn’t look amazing.

For this, you can use this tool because it would increase the potential of the content for the customers. This tool changes the words by their synonyms.

In the case of plagiarism in your content, you can use this to make it unique.

·       Grammarly

Think of a user as a follower of your site but when you mention the content with errors in it, you can’t agree with your users with the content.

However, Grammarly is the online tool that can help to remove all the grammatical as well as spelling errors in your content.

This is a free tool while most of the web owners use this to make their content accurate.



Without an SEO-friendly website, it’s quite difficult to rank higher as well as you wouldn’t be getting the traffic to your site.

The SEO tips, which we have mentioned are basic level while these are the most used practices by the SEO expert.

Remember, you should always focus on making your content according to the users, not for the Google bots. This is because the bots of Google are intelligent enough to the level of humans.