Digital Marketing 101: 10 Basic Strategies You’re Ignoring


When we think of “effective digital marketing strategies,” we often think of complex plans that have a few hundred steps to achieve our goals. However, a lot of us often forget that sometimes success lies in simplicity, and we simply need to tailor our digital marketing strategies to achieve this. Regardless if your brand caters to a local audience in Hong Kong, or if you have an online store that caters to an international network of suppliers, your digital marketing can certainly benefit from a boost. And this is especially if said boost is just comprised of 10 extremely easy strategies you can do. Remember, these won’t give you results overnight. However, if you turn these into hobbies, you can definitely turn your brand’s life around and have quite an awesome spin to your digital marketing needs.

Goals Help Set Your Course

Perhaps the most important basic strategy in digital marketing people miss is to actually set a proper goal. Remember, everything about your branding – even in the digital space – hinges on what kind of goal you have for your brand, products and services, and especially your audience. Try to set as clear a goal as possible, and start making a roadmap from there. When you’re aware of what you want to achieve, you can slowly work out what tools you need to make it work, what kind of people you need to hire, and what achievements you need to work out on to meet your goals.

Determine Your Funnel

If you’re in marketing, you’re probably already familiar with customer journeys – these are “funnels” that essentially dictate the kind of experience you want your customers to have. It’s essential you have this very early on, as this tells you what you need to work towards when it comes to your future campaigns. If you want your customer to buy your products eventually, you need to slowly encourage them to do so. Customers of different interest levels need different approaches. Enthusiasts might need in-depth articles, casual audiences may need lighter content like video, and so on.

Calls-To-Action Can Work At The Right Cue

Calls-to-action help encourage users to check out your content and other offerings with buttons and other “nudges.” These don’t always need to be buttons, though. You can rely on words, phrases, expressions such as “Buy Now!” and others to encourage your audiences to get your products. You need to try and test these out depending on the kind of thrust or approach you want on your digital marketing spin. Don’t forget to think these through.

Numbers Count If They Matter

It’s imperative you get ways of assessing your performance in the context of numbers. How many page views did your site get? How many engagements did you have in social media? However, pick numbers that only mean something useful to you. If a statistic is there that doesn’t have any impact as to how you plan on moving as a brand, then you can’t rely on that number. Focus on what really helps you check if your branding works.

Send Your Message Where It Matters

It’s not just important to have good content, but a good means to disseminate your information as well. It’s not a matter of which medium gets you the most views, but rather which medium exposes you to the most of your target audience. Make sure your content gets spread on places where readers can get interested. Show your photography company in a photography message board, for instance.

The Power Of Social Media

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

A lot of people look at social media as just a means to spread your content, but it’s much more than that. Integrate your social media into your marketing plan and treat it as a relevant medium of its own. When people get your content on social media, and if they deem it relevant enough, they may automatically spread it themselves until it becomes recognizable and iconic.

Humanize Your Branding

Don’t forget to humanize your branding in digital marketing. When you make digital marketing strategies, don’t neglect the need to make your branding something people relate to. When your brand is something people can remember experiences from, you will most likely get recognized anywhere and everywhere. Bank on human experience, and make your digital marketing approach something people will want to relate to.

Always Give Customers Value

If you want a digital marketing strategy to work for you, never forget to give your customers value. Always give them a reason to come back to your company and rely on your product. When you give a customer your brand’s value, you’re giving them something to attach your brand with. Make this value not just a consistent part of your message, but also a consistent part of your offerings.

Share Your Stories

Try to make your branding something people can look forward to. Sometimes you can do this by sharing your stories to others. You don’t need to make an autobiography, but rather make sure your digital marketing strategy involves making use of your experience (as the owner, or your staff’s even), to give your customers a sign that your brand is “human” and caters to their needs as well.

Let Your Customers Share Their Stories

Aside from your own stories, make it a point to give your audiences the opportunity to share their experiences as well. This allows your audiences to understand and see that their experience with your product matters. This can be in the form of a contest, or even just a simple web campaign. Doing this can change the tide on how your brand can be seen in the long run.

Trends Help, But Stick To What Represents You

Trends are there to make sure your branding gets to be updated and “into the times” when it comes to attracting audiences. However, it also helps to make sure you stick to trends that represent you as a brand. Your brand isn’t just there to make you look pretty when you need to. Your brand is there because your company believes in achieving something with your products and services. Even if you’re following, say, a fitness fad for your restaurant, make sure the fitness fad sticks to your branding – like if it sticks to a diet you actually cater to with your food.

Digital Marketing 101: Basic Strategies, Powerful Outcomes

Digital marketing can be overwhelming, even for professionals in the industry. Times and trends change all the time, and we need to be on our toes to be able to adapt and make sure our brands get the most out of rising trends today. However, while a lot of people are losing their minds trying to find the best ways to captivate and capture an audience, we tend to forget that sometimes the easiest strategies make for the best ways to attract people. In fact, sometimes, it’s the basic strategies that we have to modify to come up with the most powerful outcomes we’ll need. It helps to understand how basic strategies can differ depending on your target audience, target location, and the intent of the campaign – and it also helps to modify these strategies depending on budget, brand vision, and deliverables you need. Point is, if you refer to the tools above and remember them, you’ll likely remember that you have a lot of tools to use to make a difference out of your campaigns.