7 reasons to redesign the company website

Why does the company website matter?

If you do business nowadays, you need a company website. Think about this, when a potential customer hears about your company for the first time, he or she will just go online to do a search in Google. Oh there is nothing found and this potential customer simply believes that your company is not worth to know more. Yes, the company website is the online presence of the brand. The company website tells the audience that your company is alive and still active. More than a silent existence, we want a better recognition and therefore we start promoting the brand for some goals online. The goals may be branding, sales, influence or something else. A company website has to exist and perform well. It represents your company and your brand 24/7.

After reading the above story, you shall tell why we need a good company website for our business. Once the company website cannot fulfil these purposes, it is the time for us to consider redesigning the website. We deduce 7 common reasons why a company should revamp its website. See if there is any one fitting you and pnetform the web design company is always welcome to help.


The website looks dull and boring

This is a straightforward reason, do you agree? “The company website represents your company and your brand always”, I repeat. If your website looks dull and boring, you are telling the world (as well as your potential clients) that your company is just boring, too. All the description about the company website applies to the company itself. Go back to the physical mall, customers prefer the fresh, bright and young shop to the dull competitor. The same theory works for the competition between corporate websites. Your style is still as of a decade ago. So I, as a customer, may think “oh this business even doesn’t like to invest on the website. How can I believe it?” Consumption is more about passion than ration. The website revamp fee is a worthwhile investment.


The business has changed

There are many possibilities why the business has changed. Acquisition, rebranding, restructuring or a reform, business is always changing because the market changes. You don’t update the sales team after the company changes the products, what will happen? The team will deliver a wrong message to the audience and there is no way to sell properly. The company website could be one of the best salesmen but we need to update it accurately. Another example, the business merges with its competitor and gets a new logo. Is it alright to just replace the logo on the website while the main theme doesn’t change? Try to imagine the signboard of Starbucks changes to McDonald’s without changing all the other stuff. No way, a new brand needs a new corporate website.


The website is not responsive

The mobile phone became the most popular device for people to access the World Wide Web 3 years ago. A desktop computer and a mobile phone are different in viewport dimension and therefore we cannot have a one-fit-all web design. The solution comes as “Responsive web design” (RWD). A website with RWD is able to display properly regardless of the viewing device by transforming the structure, the shape, and the size of the elements. Responsive websites display well in mobile phones and ranks better in search engines like Google. If a company website is not responsive, it is more than dullness and boredom, it is not functioning on mobile. In one second, a mobile user sees the website display not responsively and he or she will close the browser fast. RWD has been popular since 2017 and it is time for you to go RWD.


The website is using old technology

Alright, what is “old technology”? Here is a simple analogy: You see a game advertisement and try to install the App. However, in your iPhone 6 there is a prompt “Require iOS N to install” and you know your phone is outdated. As technology is advancing every day, your device, system and also website will become outdated one day that it is no more supportive to contemporary requirements. For instance, you like to connect the 5-year-old online shop to a new CRM and the supplier says it is not feasible. You can only revamp the entire website with the latest technology to make this possible.


The website is hard to maintain

It comes in 2 aspects: technology and content. What does it mean by difficult maintenance? For example, the website was built with customized programming, and it is costly to hire a new programmer to maintain the website. The new programmer has to go through the documentation (if any) and the code piece by piece. If there is any bug or security loophole, the new programme must spend plenty of time to investigate and find out the reason.

On the other hand, the content of a website should get updated constantly to maintain vitality and attractiveness. Change the hero banner, upload a new product image or create a new blog post. We often do the update with the Content Management System (CMS). However, not all CMS is easy to use and you need to have web coding skills sometimes. It is again quite costly to hire a programme to update the content of the website. Nowadays there are many open-source CMSs which are very easy to use. For example, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart etc. We should revamp the website if it is hard to maintain.


The website content is inconsistent

The web design was great when the website just launched. One day, you found that the website was not that good. What happened? Number of colleagues update the business website from time to time. Though the web design company already gave you a website guideline, not everyone follows it strictly to update the content. Some make the text bold, and some highlight the link. One paragraph with different font size, and one blog post is without a featured image. After running for some time, the website is no longer consistent. You are now thinking either to reunify the content style or to revamp the website. If both choices cost the same, why not the latter? Don’t forget that the website represents your company. It should be consistent with the brand. It is time to make the website great again.


The website conversion is poor

A conversion means to achieve the goal of the website. For instance, an online shop conversion is a purchase, and a business-to-business corporate website is to generate leads. If the website traffic is good but the conversion is poor, it means there are problems with the website. First, the web design is poor and the visitor bounces. Second, the web navigation is not clear and the visitor cannot move forward to the conversion. Third, the website is hard to use and the visitor loses patience to explore. It may be a mixture of the above reasons, but the result is the same: the visitor is gone without conversion. We can find the truth behind the poor conversion by analysis, but the correction is not always feasible with the existing website. Time to redesign the website if it is the case.

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