How Luxury Brands Impact Hong Kong’s Online Shoppers With 4 Social Media Apps

Online shopping has been continuously paving the way towards many changes in the global consumer scene, and a lot of luxury brands are beginning to notice. Thanks to the popularity of apps, social media, and the internet at large, entire systems geared towards marketing brands have sprung up. We have search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and even web design, to name a few. However, more and more brands are starting to see a value in a social media-oriented thrust, and they’re looking into apps to use. In this article, we look at some examples of how these social media apps are used in the context of business. And maybe down the line, you can use your knowledge on this to make a more versatile company.

Luxury brands today remain on top of their game because of one thing: adaptability. Luxury brands and other brands, in general, like to use social media apps for the kind of convenience they provide when reaching to an audience. The social media apps featured below not only prove they brand like yours can pull off social media marketing, but that they can connect to their audiences.



  • WeChat can be one market and all the markets at once: Perhaps the most interesting thing about WeChat is that it’s not solely for chatting, especially in Hong Kong. A ton of brands uses WeChat to do business, especially since it’s easy to use, very accessible, and popular amongst audiences. For a background, WeChat users can simply open the application, select a service they want in the form of a mini-application, and use the service for what they need. They can simply close the mini-app once they’re done, and they can move on with their lives. This makes almost any brand instantly accessible, and luxury brands have taken advantage of this opportunity.
  • WeChat isn’t just a chat application. Given the fact that a ton of brands are making it easily accessible for users to get their products and services, you can get a lot of traction into your industry by just having a WeChat mini-application alone. 
  • Making a mini-app in WeChat isn’t just a matter of “just making your products available.” If you make an effort to make your brand’s WeChat mini-app also easily navigable by users, you can really have a user-base that will most likely always rely on what you have to offer to them. 




  • Weibo puts the accessibility of Twitter with the appeal of Instagram: Why have separate Twitter and Instagram apps when you can have all of them in one handy program? People can consider Weibo the equivalent of “Chinese Twitter” but it’s actually more than that. Companies use Weibo to leverage on viral content in the form of hashtags and public video “stores.” And, through the help of celebrities, these can jumpstart entire brands, products, services, and careers. Weibo has around 411-million monthly active users, which can be more than enough for huge businesses to generate profit from. And when you create a viral trend, then you might just rise to the top of the competition.
  • Weibo is more or less a two-in-one application, capable of connecting users with one another not just through messages but also photographs. Not only that, this also allows brands to connect with their fans and audiences almost instantaneously. If you ride on a hot trend, your brand will most likely get famous as well.
  • You can tap into influencers and get them to post about your product. This can likely be a fast way to get a lot of interested audiences fast without compromising budget for adjustments in your marketing campaigns. Plus, we all like getting more followers for our brands, right?
  • You can also tap into this social media app if you want to jumpstart a trend. Instead of just riding a trend, you can think of starting one and check if people will want to ride along! 




  • Douyin puts brands and music together: Douyin, also known as Tik-Tok overseas, is an application that allows users to sing and dance to popular music, often through lip-syncing. Brands connect with Douyin users in the same manner, especially when brands want to get popular with the Generation Z (or below-24) demographic. Companies can get in better touch with the urban youth thanks to Douyin – they can do this through advertisements, content creators with sponsors, and other video-related content.
  • Music is healthy for the soul – and apparently for business. If your brand relies on bands and other celebrities, you can also advertise your products and services with the help of these influential individuals. You can get a lot of traction, especially if these individuals have a lot of fans.
  • If your market is predominantly Generation Z, you can get a lot of potential customers through Douyin. This is especially if you take the time and effort to actually try to get into the same trends they do.
  • Through advertisements, you can also ensure your demographic that uses Douyin can see ads and other promotions of your brand that can entice them to avail your products and services.




  • Red is your one-stop-shop for beauty products: The aforementioned apps above really focus on making services accessible, or brands accessible through entertainment. Red – or Little Red Book, or Xiaohongshu – takes this up a notch. Red is an e-commerce platform geared towards millennial shoppers that are into beauty brands. This means millennials with a knack for skincare and beauty can rely on Red to connect them to various cosmetics and skincare brands, with the app giving them a whole host of features such as user reviews. This gives users the ability to find all there is about a product before purchasing them, while at the same time gives ample exposure to beauty brands. 
  • Posting items for sale has been extremely easy with Red, especially thanks to its familiar interface you’d see with other buy-and-sell applications. This makes it quite accessible to virtually anyone.
  • Active reviews and comments section can help you show people not just how authentic your products are, but you’re also concerned in explaining to them the intricacies of your products. This can be quite the attractive quality for brands, as they seem “more than just a logo” for people you reply and interact with. 
  • You can easily post more products and more services without that much of a hassle. If you have a new catalog of products you want to fiddle around with, especially in terms of testing in the market, you can use Red to add your 

Branding And Social Media: More Than Just A Fad

With the above in mind, you’ll likely be able to get some tips and trucks from luxury brands on their approach to social media marketing. And just because some have begun using these social media apps don’t mean you can’t do it for your own company. Hopefully, the examples used in this article would be able to help you propel your business to success. And should you need a team of marketers in specific areas such as Hong Kong, then you can definitely find aid through groups like Pnetform Web Development.