Top 10 Hong Kong web design company with best SEO

Good Web Design Supports SEO

There are more than thousands of web design companies or agencies in Hong Kong and corporations sometimes find it so difficult to choose one of the web design agencies for their website revamp. A website is just too important for the business in the information age and the online presence helps branding, awareness and conversion. A good web design can benefit not only the first impression to the public but also the SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relies heavily on on-site factors such as content and UI/UX (User interface and user experience). Design is not only about how things look, it is about how things work. SEO can draw free and quality traffic from organic search due to a very clear search intention.

We have checked the SEO ranking of popular web design related keywords for Hong Kong web design companies. Precisely, the SERP (Search Engine Returning Page) performance of Hong Kong web design companies is the key indicator. The primary idea of the article is that web design agencies intend to be shown on Google to gain exposure. If they rank well, it means their web design is not bad in terms of SEO. This could be a very persuasive reason for potential clients to choose them to revamp their websites.

We start the search at Google Hong Kong with the general keyword stem “Web design” and the local keyword stem “Hong Kong web design”. In most scenarios, the word “website” is contextually equivalent to ”web”. Moreover, the companies we found good at SEO have web design as one of their core services and primary business.  They may also rank well in other industry keywords.

Bear in mind that we list the top 10 found randomly. There is no dedicated purpose or implication of the order. Cheers.


WECREATE is an advertising agency based in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Its official website loads very fast and adopts a fresh and clean style. Once we log onto the website, the main menu shows only several items that make us know what WECREATE does and the users can navigate to where they are interested in directly. The overall user experience is very nice.


YSD, or Yeung’s Design, was founded twenty years ago by the Yeung brothers. We can read their good history on YSD’s website. One interesting aspect of web design is the one-page style of the homepage. The homepage functions as a showcase of past job reference. One step and one case, it is very easy to use and attracts potential clients at first sight.

Digital Butter

Founded in 2009, Digital Butter brings a colourful and cheerful style to their website. Once you are at the homepage, you will be attracted to the main banner. The eye-catching keywords of Digital Butter service show up one by one, and you will not miss any one major theme. Despite its featured effect, the website loads fast and all content appears within 3 seconds. Fantastic!


Grayscale’s website gives users a sense of humour. At first sight, you will feel it is not really commercial and the style is like a school more than corporate service. Grayscale heavily adopts creative illustration with a number of texts. This fashion is a favourite of search engines that makes user experience impressive. Not to forget to mention, Google suggests users to search “Grayscale” if you search “Web design”.

FEE Creative

FEE was established in 2008 and it is one of the most compact websites among all selected Hong Kong web design agencies. For example, the main content of the homepage consists of 3 elements: the hero banner, an introduction paragraph, and featured projects and clients. It comes with elegant photos and simple call-to-action (CTA). The CTAs ask users to enquire and view projects, that’s all.  This is such an elegant website.

Turtle Media

The very first impression when we enter the homepage of Turtle Media is classical. A hero banner with Gothic font, a background pattern common in the 90s and so on. The web design company also gives straightforward words: We make good things, and let’s make something good. Its direct fashion also goes to the footer, it says, “We do these 4 things”. It is the simplest footer we ever met. It shows a mathematical aestheticism.


The website of BMG, or Black Media Group, reflects its name by using a pure dark theme. Sometimes you may think most web design companies make their websites in a very similar way, however, it is not the case of BMG. It is just like an exhibition when you enter their official website. Some may not like it and some may love it, but we can say they dare to be different. Their website already tells everyone that they make different things.

Lolli Media

Lolli Media’s website is a good sample of minimalism. Instead of a big hero banner, it just comes with block letters. We scroll down and see 4 colourful grids of their core services. The imageless homepage loads almost instantly. You cannot guess how long this web design company has been established from the minimalist design. One thing we notice is that users need not keep scrolling to read through a web page, and this is certainly another feature of minimalism.

Flash Designer HK

By its name, you might think this web design company was an old-fashioned website programmer who was still with Adobe Macromedia Flash. No, its website is another sample of minimalism, or we should call it extreme minimalism. The homepage is straightforward showing a list of their portfolios. Nothing more you need not.

Digital Candy

And our last finding is Digital Candy. The main website of this digital agency is as sweet as this name. You may read and know one of the web design trends in 2019 was slant, and Digital Candy applies the trend thoroughly in their sweet website. The good practice of thumb-optimization for better web design user experience is also a signature.

Web design companies good at SEO

We should measure a web design company in multiple dimensions, for instance its portfolio, project management skill, technicality, etc. This time we focus on the SEO ranking performance of web design company’s own website. We believe that this is a relatively new benchmark for those who need to revamp corporate websites. Don’t forget that a good website should be reachable, and a SEO-friendly web design can save a lot of online marketing cost. As a Hong Kong web design company, pnetform also provides quality websites with high SEO-friendliness. In order to help you achieve high, we are always listening to your web design demand. Reach us now ([email protected])

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