Branding 101: Why Your Company Needs A Great Logo

When we talk of a logo for branding, we immediately think of a “striking” logo. While this kind of thinking works most of the time, not a lot of teams and companies get to pull this off properly. That’s because branding and logo creation isn’t just about “making a striking logo.” If you want to get your branding memorable, you’ve got to make sure it “speaks” your company’s vision and message perfectly. This is especially true if you want to get into the Hong Kong market, as its audience is composed of a diverse mix of potential customers that can make or break your company’s reputation. 

As such, if you want to level up your take on branding, you’ve got to make a logo that helps you out. A logo isn’t just a piece of graphic design, it’s a testament to a company’s branding. A good logo will make your company memorable and more human. Here’s how this works:

Logo and Branding: Your Company’s Message in a Logo

It’s not easy conceptualizing an effective branding strategy for your business. This is especially the case if you’re looking at a field with a ton of competition – even in markets with a ton of audiences such as Hong Kong. This doesn’t mean good branding is impossible, and you might want to start with the basics: creating a logo. Before you dabble into hiring a graphic design team for this, though, here are some reasons as to how your logo is supposed to help your business propel and succeed:

  • Creating a logo showcases your brand. When you prepare a logo for your company, you’re not just making a symbol for your company. You’re actually giving your company a means to showcase your brand. Imagine – if you do it right, a logo will be able to show everyone what your brand does, what you sell or provide, or what you stand for as a company. A logo will be capable of showcasing the best aspects of your branding in a neat and tidy place. 


    • Imagine, Apple’s iconic apple logo not only speaks “being unique,” but also showcases the sophistication of Apple’s products. Applying the same approach to your brand means not only making a logo unique enough to be yours, but also a logo that is representative to everything you stand for. 
    • You might think this is trivial compared to benefits some businessmen would like to hear such as “increased profits.” However, a brand logo with a clear message will definitely be able to make a mark that people will remember and recognize, increasing the likelihood of conversions and return customers.


  • Use a logo to jumpstart your marketing approach. If you’re having a hard time thinking of a marketing strategy for your brand, you’ll likely want to begin with making a logo. The elements surrounding a logo are capable of ensuring you’re showing your customers exactly how you want to work and function as a brand. 


    • A playful logo denotes a casual, informal, and happy approach to customers. A more serious logo denotes seriousness, formality, and sophistication. You can use these little subtleties to propel aspects of your campaign such as your voice and your approach to digital marketing. 
    • For instance, Wendy‘s has been famous for its “savage” social media campaign a few years back. Part of what made this campaign such an effective one is the fact that Wendy’s logo is that of a girl. This effectively “gives life” to the Wendy’s brand, and its snarky approach to social media gave Wendy’s a surprising “snarky” persona. When you use your logo in a way that breathes life to a message or your brand voice, your logo becomes an effective tool for launching campaigns across your many platforms.


  • Logos evolve with your brand. A lot of logos do a ton of reworks through the years, especially for big brands. Some might think this is unnecessary – but a brand rework can essentially make or break interest in a brand restructuring.


    •  For instance, the Windows logo has evolved from a pixel-heavy curvy window into a minimalist window across decades. One might think this is just to “adapt to the times,” but it’s precisely this need to adapt that made Windows opt to redesign its logo. That’s because of the fact that logos are a reflection of a brand’s message and voice. And when a brand changes its voice, it’s likely going to need to change its logo as well. 
    • This is also a great way to assess whether a brand’s new direction can interest its target market, or whether your brand gets any recognition at all with your current logo. When you use a logo in this manner, you essentially have a means to tell the world exactly how you want to approach your market. Not only that, you get a great customer assessment tool as well.


  • Content can rely heavily on your logo appearance. It’s important to understand that when it comes to your brand’s approach to graphic design, you’ll rely on the same elements your logo does. Not only that, but your logo will likely dictate how your brand should approach your graphics. 


    • For instance, if your logo appears to use a lot of edges with a minimal color scheme, you’ll likely approach your graphics in the same way. Likewise, a quirky logo will likely go great with wacky or lively graphics. Understanding how your logo can influence your graphics can do a great deal with helping you decide just how you should approach your graphic design. 
    • In the same manner, the way you approach your content can rely heavily on your chosen logo. We said a while ago that logos help showcase your brand’s voice and message. This is why Wendy’s snarky approach in social media has been a great hit – because we all imagined a red-haired girl doing all the talking. In the same way, your logo appearance will likely be able to help you dictate just how you want to approach your content – especially its tone. For instance, if your business is about consumer electronics, a classy brand logo will likely require a formal blog piece about your product. Likewise, a wacky brand logo will likely benefit from an informal and casual blog approach. 


Branding: Breathe Life to Your Business

Having read the above points, it’s important to always consider the message your logo conveys before making one. You may be able to hire teams to make a logo for you, but make sure that the logo they make speaks the message and voice of your brand. Hire teams such as Pnetform Web Development to make logos for you that not only appear striking and appealing, but most especially makes your brand memorable for your audiences. Remember, logo in branding is all about making your voice heard by the people you want to check out your products. With the above taken into consideration, you’ll hopefully be able to make a standout logo for your brand that speaks your voice and your message as a company.