Corporate Services Company Web Design Guide 2020

Corporate Services Company Website Design

The sector of corporate services is highly competitive because most clients are business elites and managers. One of the solutions to gain brand awareness and exposure in the market is unique web design and digital marketing. A professional online presence can build up the image of the service providers. Unlike the B2C product consumption industry, the B2B sector can’t complete a deal purely online with an e-Commerce website. The client journey is like this: a potential client goes on the company website, understands and trusts the service, and finally makes an inquiry to the company. This inquiry could be done via traditional channels, for instance a call, a visit or an email, or more modern way such as chatbot. Nevertheless, the deal would be finally done by a human after some negotiation afterwards. The goal of the company website is the conversion from surfing to inquiry.

In our articles, pnetform Web Design Company always emphasizes the web design trend in 2020, such as the use of minimalism, color contrast and exaggerated typography, regardless of the traditions of corporate services. We have listed 3 multinational service providers of corporate services and information technology applying the above website elements on their official websites. Let’s go.


Servicenow: Business workflow and IT supplier

Servicenow Website
Call-to-action (CTA) on Servicenow website

The first website we’d like to introduce is from Servicenow, a workflow solution provider. The page is in a minimalist style with its brand green colors telling us that Servicenow is fresh and direct. We can also see quite a lot of trivial Call-to-action (CTA) buttons signing “Contact us” or “Try demo” in order to complete a conversion. For a B2B business, an inquiry is the major goal of the corporate website because an inquiry exactly means a sales lead.

In addition, the navigation menu is also very surprising for us. It displays as a Mega menu on a desktop viewport with detailed lists of hyperlinks and CTA buttons and as a navigation guide tour on a mobile viewport. The user experience (UX) of the navigation menu is magnificent.



Qualtrics: Business experience supplier

Qualtrics Website
Qualtrics makes use of Gradient Effect

The second website is from the Experience Management (XM) supplier Qualtrics. It is more simplistic than Servicenow with white background and dark grid lines. Gradient effect is applied occasionally to draw users’ attention on important messages such as CTA buttons. Qualtrics website is almost in Brutalism, a concept brought from blocky and monotonic modern architecture. One famous case of the Brutalist website is from Balenciaga. Moreover, Qualtrics uses a mega menu for navigation as well. Several introductory videos are hidden in the mega menu, users may play the videos directly from the navigation. In other words, the web designer hides videos in the menu to maintain a monotonic tone for the web page.



Accenture: Enterprise IT Solution

Accenture US website
Huge typography on Accenture website

The last website of this tour is from Accenture, an enterprise solution provider. It is also brutalist with gradient purple from the brand logo. One distinct feature of the homepage is the use of HUGE typography. For instance, Accenture placed a 58-px, 700-weighted headline of uppercase “COVID-19” during the outbreak. The message is crystal-clear that the company really concerned how clients and staff were affected in the pandemic.


Up to this point, we discovered that web design is exaggerated and unique even for corporate service providers which are supposed to be serious and poker-faced. Pnetform Web Design Company is always pursuing breakthroughs to surprise clients and the public. If you need Web Design service, kindly contact pnetform ([email protected]).