YMCA Let Me Fly Project 2019

Let me fly Internship Programme 2019

pnetform is happy to participate in the Let Me Fly Internship Programme by YMCA Hong Kong. High school students spent 3 weeks in working at our company to help web design tasks, including web photo preparation, web text manipulation and learn the basic principle of web design. Led by our experienced web designer, student helpers ask actively and express their opinion. Pnetform is a Hong Kong web design company and it is our honour to take place in youth development.


Graduation ceremony

The programme completed in early August and the graduation ceremony was on the 17th of August. Our representative awarded the certificate to some of the students. Besides pnetform Technology, Hong Kong Apple Daily, St. Teresa’s Hospital, the Hong Kong Club and etc also participated in the programme. 

Let me fly Internship 2019 Graduation
Let me fly Internship 2019 Graduation

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