Why Good Design Is Important To Your Website

Why Good Design Is Important To Your Website

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your website establishes your digital “appearance.” Whereas your brand helps define your company’s personality, your website personifies this on the internet. If you’ve ever been on a party before, you might remember that first impressions matter. Every business website should keep this in mind as well. When our Pnetform web development team approaches building website plans, we take web design into serious consideration. This is because a good website design can really make or break the way your audiences see your company and your brand. We’ll explain everything you need to know in this piece.

Website Design: Does It Matter?

It might help to learn more about a few numbers of web design to get you started. If you’re planning to make a website for your business, that’s good! Did you know approximately 29-percent of small business actually don’t have websites? This can be tricky, considering more than half of your viewers will actually look into your company contact details through your About Us page. Not only that, but to state the obvious, website design really does make your user have first impressions in your company. In fact, 75-percent of users actually judge your site based on design. Bad experiences with your website are very likely to dissuade users into visiting your site again.

Good Design: What Does It Do For Your Branding?

However, good website design doesn’t just lie on a good About Page. It’s certainly not only about good graphics either. Good web developers and web designers apply principles of both efficient and creative design to streamline both form and functionality in their websites. Our Pnetform team does this all the time for our clients, which in turn helps them execute their marketing campaigns more efficiently. Below are some reasons you should know as to why good design is important to your website:

Attractive websites stick to consumers

If we’re discussing web design essentials, it’s helpful to work our way down from the top. Let’s begin with the basics. Web design matters because customers often get compelled to look at pretty things.

  • This principle stems from the reality that we humans rely a lot on our senses, specifically our sight. We often get encouraged to interact with things that seem colorful and safe. Meanwhile, we detract from things that look unclean and dangerous.


  • Translated into design, clean and orderly designs look much more attractive than cluttered websites. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of relevant things to share to customers. If the website you place these information appear messy, your customers might go to the competition instead.


  • The maxim “first impressions matter” remains relevant to this concept precisely because of the power appearances hold. A pretty website will most likely get the attention of your consumers. And a customer staying in your website can be a customer that may eventually avail your products.

Branding of unique websites stick to viewers

Aside from overall aesthetics, good website design matters precisely for your branding. Your brand shouldn’t be limited to your logo, your color scheme, and how your product appears. Your branding should be reflected in your website as well. Think of your website as your branding’s digital avatar.

  • Good web design allows you to make use of elements that make your branding unique. For instance, unique combinations of shapes, colors, and words can be used to make your website have an identity of its own.


  • Web design gives you the opportunity to establish the way your branding looks. A clean and intuitive website gives the impression that your branding is hip and modern. Meanwhile, a website that uses serif fonts and a neutral color scheme suggests a more serious personality.

Navigation secures a customer’s trust

Good web design allows you to make your website accessible to customers. This establishes trust on your end to their side. If your website turns out to be hard to navigate, this gives the impression that you might not be interested in helping your customers. Meanwhile, a site that allows viewers to access content easily can make them lasting visitors.

  • Web design shouldn’t be about aesthetics alone. Form and function work together to make a workable website. Effective website design allows you to make sure everyone gets to access everything in your site easily.


  • Your website design also lets you make sure all the features and pages you need get set up where you need them to be. Good web design lets you provide everything your customers need without jeopardizing their experience.

Search engines prefer orderly websites in their lists

Search engines prefer orderly websites in their lists

SEO relies not just on content you produce, but how you present them. Search engines seem to dislike websites that don’t strike a good balance between content and website design. As such, your site shouldn’t just be relevant and informative. It should be pretty in a useful way as well.

  • Search engines “crawl” pages on your website before giving you a rank. When you provide an efficient website layout, this makes crawling much easier. In turn, this gives search engines the impression that your site is clean and polished.


  • Clean websites reflect your attention to detail. When you make sure people get to read your content easily, it’s very likely they’ll stay and browse more. Likewise, easy interfaces in online stores make them places people can rely on.


Behind Every Great Website Is A Good Design

If you look at websites of big companies, they’re popular not because they’re attached to these big names alone. They remain popular because they have designs that reflect such a status in the industry. If you want your website to be remembered by your audiences, you need to “own” your place in your niche. Of course, you can’t achieve this with “just” a simple business website. You need to approach building website elements from a design perspective. Our Pnetform web development suite offers unique design options precisely because we know how much impact a good design can bring to a company. Hopefully the above points have also helped enlighten you to how much power a good design can get your brand.