How Does Your Branding Affect Your Customer Experience?

How Does Your Branding Affect Your Customer Experience

When we think of branding, we usually imagine things such as new and fancy logos, modern and “hip” font styles, trending web designs, and stunningly minimalist websites. We often forget that a huge part of branding lies not just in the aesthetics we choose for our brand, but also in the kind of voice and approach we use to tackle matters on marketing, all the way to sales. If you want to be able to attract more audiences and have more customers, you need to start approaching branding from the context of the customer experience. However, how exactly does online branding techniques work?

  • Provide Meaning And Recollection
  • Adapting To The Times Implies Growth
  • Personal Connections Make For Good Experiences
  • Transparency And Consistency Remain Key

According to Kevin Roberts, the former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, a lot of it has to do with what’s called “emotional connectivity.” This establishes customer loyalty that stays “beyond reason” and beyond good and bad times. For companies, this is the holy grail, as businesses who want to create a lasting impact to its audiences need to invest heavily in good customer experience and brand value. As such, brand managers and advertisers have begun shifting their brand’s messages into a means of creating a lasting brand-customer relationship. This is important, as a lot of people nowadays have begun equating brands with experiences. As such, good experiences will almost certainly put your brand in the good graces of your customers.

Customer Experience, Branding: It’s All Relative

It might help to approach branding from multiple perspectives – not just aesthetics. This means it can help put things in order to tackle your branding and your branding strategy not just on your “aesthetics” alone, but to make sure it matches the “vision” you want your overall branding to have on people you meet and interact with. This can greatly help with the overall growth of your brand, as you immediately position yourself as an entity open for growth and opportunities. This can generate huge appeal to your customers, as customer experiences that involve “growing” with a company can definitely make for lasting fans and loyal customers. So what else is happening behind the scenes?

Provide Meaning And Recollection

A lot of people would say the best way to appeal to your market is by making your brand memorable. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating your brand message into your brand. Apple did it with their unique slate of i-based products, which essentially made them stand out. However, perhaps what made Apple stand out from the rest of the competition is its branding push. Since Apple wants to make customer use the center of their brand experience, they make it a point to make you feel as though every Apple product you own is extra special.

  • Release products and services that provide meaning to audiences. When you want to meet a customer need, don’t just release a product that “does” it. Release a product that shows your audiences how your way is the best way that can benefit their lives all around. Provide a meaningful way of solving their problems, as your products can stay with your audiences for a long time.
  • Provide repetition with meaning. When you want a product or services that people will remember, don’t just tap into repetitive phrases. Make sure these phrases make sense in the context of the field and concepts you’re working with. This helps you become a more recognizable brand in the process.
  • Don’t forget your audiences. When you make a brand material, make sure you take into account how you want your customers to experience your product. Also show how their current experience can be improved by your product. This greatly helps establish how people can relate to your products in the long run, and how you can change their lives for the better.

Adapting To The Times Implies Growth

It’s important for companies to stay updated with what’s happening to the market. This lets them keep themselves up to date with what’s going on with their competitors, new improvements and technologies, and most importantly their customers. In today’s fast-paced age, it’s important to always keep ourselves in the loop. And it’s important for brands to stay on top of what makes their customers stay. Brands who start adapting to modern ways of communicating like social media not only provides meaningful, direct, and consistent customer interaction. It also offers a window of opportunity to get to know your customers better.

  • When you show your brand’s growth through the years, you can help your audiences see your brand as an evolving thing. This can be something they can relate to, as people are in a constant state of growth. Showing you can grow with audiences can hugely benefit their perception of you.
  • Showcase growth in the context of problems you want to solve. Your products and services are likely born out of a desire to solve a customer issue. When you showcase your product features, try to show them in the context as to how they can make your customer’s lives better. This definitely makes your brand more approachable.
  • Make customer experience front and center. When you market your brand, make sure your brand is something that becomes a natural part of your customer’s lives. Their experience with your brand should be something they can integrate with relevant aspects of their lives.

Personal Connections Make For Good Experiences

Personal Connections Make For Good Experiences

When you look into better ways of conducting email marketing, you might not be surprised to see tips involving making more personalized templates for conversations. However, this almost always applies to every marketing method available. Brands that tailor their experiences can transform leads into customers that stay with the company. Brands that make an effort to connect with their audiences can provide a way for more loyal customers, especially when they know their products are being made specifically for them.

  • Develop experiences around connecting with individuals. When you imagine and conceive customer journeys, don’t just think about how your brand can be used by consumers. Think how your brand can connect them to others. This can greatly affect your branding approach in a positive way, as you will emphasize connections more.
  • Make your brand a natural part of your consumer’s life. When you make your brand something people can use, don’t make your brand a part of just one aspect of your customer’s lives. Make it a persistent part of the relevant parts of your customer’s lives. How will it benefit your customers in the long term?
  • Make your products and services things your customers can use to better themselves. When you incorporate value improvement to your audiences and your customers, you can provide them with a product they will rely on because of principles you represent.

Transparency And Consistency Remain Key

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is honesty, and this is the same when it comes to establishing your brand’s place in your market. It takes time and effort to be transparent with your company’s processes and being consistent with your methods. However, this can make for quite a show of trust to customers around you, and may even lead to them staying with your brand. Brands who take time to be transparent and consistent show readers, leads, and customers that they can be relied on to provide services that aren’t just quality, but also reliable and honest.

  • You can become a more memorable brand by being consistent and transparent with your approach. Showing just how your products and services actually work without pretention can mean a lot in today’s market that thrives in values.
  • Show where you stand in social issues, albeit indirectly. Your branding has values you follow which most likely fall in line with particular political philosophies. You can gain traction to a particular group of audiences by subtly emphasizing these factors into your branding. Especially now that we live in times where social issues penetrate brands as well.
  • Be sure to showcase your branding message well. Make sure your content and your branding is capable of showcasing. What your brand stands for and what values you want to check and showcase. This makes it much easier for people to relate to your brand on a more emotional level.

Branding and Customer Experience: Can’t Have One Without The Other

With the above in mind, it helps to put into consideration your customer. Experience before proceeding to make a branding strategy. Always evaluate not just your vision and your brand objectives, but also the kind of impact you want to have on your users, and the kind of impression you want them to have on you. This way, you can definitely start creating a brand that has potential for growth, is flexible enough to adapt to various modern changes, and a “unique” brand with a voice that can resonate across generations of customers.