How To Launch An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

How to launch an effective email marketing campaign

Who says the email is dead? The email remains to be one of the most reliable ways of communicating with others, especially when it comes to products, services, and relevant correspondences. At first glance, relying on email for marketing seems to be a lost cause. However, companies rely on an effective email campaign and email subscribers all the time. With the right tools and strategy, you can launch an effective email direct email marketing campaign.

  • Do Your Preparation Right
  • Evaluate Your Approach
  • Keep Your Audiences Close

Do Your Preparation Right

It’s important to start strong, especially when launching an email marketing campaign. Before you send your emails, you need to have a good approach to your email campaign. A lot of this has to do with research and preparation.

  • Be clear with your goals: A lot of good marketing campaigns start with proper goal setting, and it’s no different in email marketing. If you want to fulfill your email marketing goals, start with what you want to achieve in the first place. Do you want to boost engagement? Do you want to create new subscribers? Do you want to segment your subscribers?
  • Be familiar with various email types: Before you decide on a core strategy, try to understand what various types of emails exist. This determines the kind of approach you’ll have for the rest of your campaign. Promotional emails have offers, relational emails nurture your relationship with customers via your messages, and transactional emails usually offer information on purchases and information on subscription.
  • Be familiar with your audience: Regardless if you’ve started email marketing before or just now, you need to be more familiar with your audience. Use Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to get a good sense of your audience base, so you know just how to target specific audiences.
  • Be on top of operations on the backend: A lot of good marketing has to do with the kind of things you use to make the job easier to do. This allows you to focus on top-down things such as engagements when necessary, and still give you the flexibility to focus on precise things such as how things work on a small scale. Things such as campaign creation and automation, workflows and templates, audience segmentations, and analytics can help a great deal to make email marketing easier to do for you.  

Evaluate Your Approach

After your research, it’s important to get a good sense of how you’ll approach your email marketing campaign. This largely involves ensuring you’re aware exactly what you want to use and how you want to construct your emails for your campaign. These can range from how you want your emails to appear, to precisely what email features you have for your audiences.

  • Be aware of what you want to do: Aside from knowing the kinds of emails you can send, to technologies you can use, and the kinds of audiences you can interact with, successful email marketing hinges on knowing what exactly is it you want to happen in your campaign. You need to determine email frequency, the type of email you have, a rough idea on what you want the email to have, and what you want subscribers to do in the first place.
  • Be sure to keep things personal: Regardless of your chosen approach to your campaign, be sure to keep everything personal and customized to your subscribers. This is because you’re going to deal with various kinds of users with different expectations. Segment your audiences depending on factors relevant to you (e.g., topics of interest), and customize emails based on these.
  • Be precise and concise with your content: When creating an email campaign, you need to make sure emails part of that campaign remain short and sweet. This goes to both your subject line, and the content of your email. Try as much as possible to keep subject lines from 41 to 50 characters, and put all the important parts at the beginning of the subject. This applies to your actual copy as well – try as much as possible to keep your content within 20 lines of text with three (3) images.
  • Be aware of things outside the copy: Your email campaign isn’t solely about the copy you’ll send to audiences. A lot of successful email campaigns deal with what you have outside the copy you have. For instance, you can acquire more subscribers using welcome gates in your website, exit-intent popups that appear when users try to exit your site, popups that entice people to subscribe to your email list.
  • Be sure to test and evaluate your email messages: Before sending your emails, try to test your email messages and see if they work in various devices, or if they work for various “test” clients. Read the emails out loud to see if they sound okay, and click to see if all your hyperlinks actually work. This ensures there’s no way to catch errors in your email.

Keep Your Audiences Close

Keep Your Audiences Close

When you make an email campaign, make sure you keep your audiences close. This means being aware of exactly what they want, and what they need in terms of services and products. You can do this by analyzing your audience. For instance:

  • Be sure to consider all audiences: We tend to think email is just for older people, but a lot of teenagers actually use email. 78-percent of teenagers actually use email every day, and it’s important to be aware of this demographic.
  • Be aware of what tools your audiences use: It’s important to remember that 83.8-percent of people actually use phones to check their personal emails. This means not only do you have to consider how your email appears in computers, but also in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well.

Plan Your Email Marketing Campaign For Success

When you plan on launching an email campaign for your company or brand, you can’t settle for just a template and a few hours of sending emails to your email subscribers. As the above mentioned, you need to take particular care to plan your email marketing from start to finish, ensuring you have a plan to maintain your traction with your subscribers, and ways to attract new ones. You can rely on Pnetform’s email marketing services to help you achieve success with your campaigns.

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