Increase Your Website Traffic Through Social Media Integration

social media integration

If you’re looking to make your enterprise shine, you’ve got to look at the bigger picture. You have services and products you believe can resolve your customers’ issues, with a reliable and admirable vision to match. So what makes successful businesses such as Apple, Google, and even Samsung so different from yours? It’s not a matter of who spends more or who has more people tasked in web development. Rather, it might be about something you’re not tapping into, called social media integration. 

Social Media: Just What Should We Look At?

If you need a nudge as to the potential of social media for your company’s growth, a few statistics might help. For instance, folks from We Are Social have compiled some interesting data on 2018 social media statistics. Did you know that of 4.02-billion internet users today, 3.19-billion of them are actually social media users?

If you want to look at it from a responsive website perspective, 2.95-billion are actually active mobile social users. Imagine being able to tap into that demographic – not just because of a responsive website, but because your company actually actively engages with them in social media.

The Power of Social Media: How Do You Use It For Web Development?

You might be surprised to learn that you can actually use the power of likes, follows, shares, and comments to your advantage in terms of web development. In fact, a huge part of responsive web development should revolve around banking on social media integration to make your endeavors successful. A lot of people underestimate the value of connecting to your audiences via social media, but the benefits they can bring to you can be a shocker. Here are a few things to learn about social media integration:

Build Your Website to be Compatible with Social Media First

Build Your Website to be Compatible with Social Media First

Before you proceed with the below tips, make sure your website is “compatible” with being viewed in social media in the first place. Try to install widgets or add-on that allow your viewers to easily share content across their social media accounts. That way, you’re sure to know that viewers always have a way to share content they find relevant in your website to their friends and relatives.

Have Easy Ways to Lead them to Your Website

Perhaps one of the most integral aspects of increasing web traffic through social media is to tap into their capacity to become social networks. Make sure your site’s URL can be seen in a lot of the things you post and release. Make sure your profile, your images, and your posts have links that can lead your users back to your website. In speaking of,

Use Calls to Action in Your Posts

When you make posts in social media, don’t just leave them as “statements.” Try as much as possible to encourage your audiences to respond to you or do something that could help your business. If you want to introduce discounts and promos, lead them to your website in the process. Introduce “value” in visiting your website, so you can attract more viewers.

Share Your Relevant Posts and Content

Throughout your company website’s lifetime, you may likely encounter blogs, articles, and other content that have accrued a lot of views across the years. Share these posts – and your updated blogs – throughout your social media networks. Take note which content gets shared a lot, and try to share them when topics or situations related to this content pops up. That way, you constantly “remind” your audiences of your specialization within your industry.

Introduce Gimmicks Exclusive to Your Social Media Accounts

You can use social media to introduce sales periods, promos, and discounts. You can make your service and products more memorable with discount codes and coupons, as well as motivations to buy. These include calls to action that encourage them to avail your services.

Tap into Interconnection

You should use social media to boost your brand’s other campaigns. For instance, you don’t have to post the same article across your platforms. Rather, you can have the same topic tackled in different ways throughout campaigns. For instance, a “web development” blog can be tweeted with a quote. You can also post an info-graphic about the article on Instagram.

Interact and Engage with Your Audiences through Social Media

Remember, your audiences can best reach you through social media. Likewise, you can easily access your audience in social media. Make sure you respond to their questions and queries in a timely manner. Moreover, you should insert links to relevant guides and resources in your website during conversations.  Doing this will not only answer their questions, but lead them to your site.

Get Insights to What they’re Looking For

You can use your social media accounts to get insights on what customers want and need. This helps establish problems you can solve with your products and services. Doing so not only increases your value, but this proves your business listens to the needs of customers.

Discover What Everyone Else is Talking About

You might be using tools to access keywords you can use in your campaigns. However, social media gives you a “heads up” on trends and concepts that rise in your industry. Imagine being able to tap into that kind of insight. This doesn’t increase traffic “directly.” However, looking into popular tags and hashtags can give you an edge against the competition. These tags give you insights as to what “click” with your audiences, and what topics your audiences are likely to consume.

Social Media Integration: Connect To A Global Audience

You might be surprised by learning that social media integration can actually boost your website traffic. In fact, it might be time to stop thinking of social media as a nuisance. However, we at Pnetform Technology tell you now that you should tap into the power of connecting to your audience. Moreover, you can tap into a global audience if you tap into your social media strengths during website development. If you combine this approach with responsive web development, you may be able to boost your traffic tenfold, or a thousand fold!