How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019

It’s barely the start of the New Year, and a lot has already happened worldwide. However, in the field of digital marketing, marketers and business owners have already positioned themselves for what can happen in the field throughout the year. Should you be threatened, afraid, or excited for the upcoming turn of events? Here’s Pnetform Web Development’s insights on just what might happen to, and How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019 for the rest of the year.

  • Marketing with a purpose
  • A new time for voice assistants
  • Go for video and multimedia content
  • Local SEO will shine more
  • Try to invest in virtual reality

Marketing with a purpose

We’re at a time where making a difference can be just as important as making a profit, and having a more human approach to marketing can be extremely appealing to a lot of younger audiences. Try to make your digital marketing campaigns more personal and more focused on bringing your branding’s vision to life, as this can generate a lot of appeal to audience members who want to make the most of their time and make a difference. By seeing your brand wanting to make a difference, this can motivate them to support you as well.

  • Look into your branding’s vision to assess just how you can emphasize ways you can be more “personal” with your approach to audiences. What aspects of your vision, mission. Or even values can be turned into actionable marketing campaigns that can prove to be more engaging and interactive to audiences?
  • Try to look into more ways of making interactions with your audiences more meaningful. This isn’t limited to social media alone. Make products and emails more personalized and customizable, as some degree of personalization does give the impression of individuality and uniqueness to readers.

A new time for voice assistants

Voice assistants such as Siri, Bixby, and Alexa are popular not just because of the “artificial intelligence scare,” or other memes related to them, but they’ve become extremely efficient in providing care and assistance to their owners. Tapping into this aspect of voice assistants can boost appeal to your business and attract new customers.

  • Make your business, brands, and services easily recognizable by these voice assistants. A good way of doing this is making sure everything you have – from websites to applications to your SEO – be easily accessible by these very services. Try to register your business in digital directories, and make your posts easily accessible through keywords and phrases of interest.
  • Try to boost your overall appeal by tapping into digital marketing efforts that expand your reach to your audiences. Make relevant posts across your blog and your social media platforms to increase your traction with your audience. And therefore increasing your relevance to voice searches.

Go for video and multimedia content

Despite your website’s need for sustained success or need for growth. You should always make sure everything is updated in terms of web development, web design, and website efficiency. Aside from updating the way your code appears, or updating your website aesthetic, you should start banking on more multimedia content to improve your digital presence online. This should go hand-in-hand with the kind of growth you’re looking for in your various platforms.

  • Don’t hesitate integrating more video and multimedia content into your social media platforms and websites. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presences could benefit largely from seeing your products and endorsers in action. As this gives your brand a more updated and approachable look.
  • Make sure your websites can play video and multimedia content not just for blogs, but for your pages in general. Make it a point to integrate these features into your websites without any form of hassle at all. This expands your potential to offer content beyond blogs that can appeal to your viewers.

Local SEO will shine more

Local SEO will shine more

Search engine optimization (SEO) is nowhere near in danger this 2019, but it does help to focus on its many aspects. This year, local SEO will shine more thanks to the arrival of newer and better ways to stay in touch with peers, locations, organizations, and causes around us. It’s much easier to gain access to local events, products, and even figures of interest. Local SEO allows you to tap into such opportunities to boost your brands and even services.

  • Take note of the existence of digital yellow pages and indices that will allow you to record the existence of your brand and many relevant information. Google Business, for instance, allows you to record your business and any relevant information for customers. Which gives you a handy way of being “immortal” in the digital marketplace. This also makes it much easier for Google to offer your brand to others.
  • Tap into opportunities to boost brand appeal to people near you. Try to look into what keywords, products, events, and even happenings matter to your local audiences, and try to make posts and marketing campaigns that tap into these opportunities.

Try to invest in virtual reality and augmented reality

Despite the lack of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices in the market, there’s a lot of investment opportunities for VR and AR today. We might be ways ahead before we see VR and AR go mainstream in technology, television, computers, and even mobile, but if there’s anything 2018 has shown. It’s that a lot of tech companies have started investing in the creation of more efficient and more effective means to access information and other forms of experiences via VR and AR. If you’re capable of investing in VR and AR technology, now is really the time to do it for digital marketing.

  • Try looking into devices such as the Oculus Rift, which is arguably one of the more “cheaper” VR device models. Look into boosting digital marketing opportunities of these brands so they can become more mainstream. And you can at least position your company as one of the leading forces behind their future fame.
  • Look into “complementary” or “supplementary” services VR and AR will eventually rely on and boost them via digital marketing. Online radio advertising, multimedia usage, and even other touch-based platforms will likely be used to power VR and AR services. The earlier you try integrating these into your brand’s marketing. The easier the transition into AR and VR will be for you.
  • Try to integrate even simple AR capabilities into your brand marketing. 360-degree images of events and product demonstrations, touch-intensive experiences. And even applications that rely on augmented reality can definitely boost your brand appeal.

Digital Marketing in 2019: Innovation Still Rocks

At the end of the day, perhaps the most important takeaway here is that digital marketing. This 2019 remains ever-focused on innovating various fields. After all, the existence of quite a lot of technological improvements give us the tools. We need to make better and improved websites. Marketing materials, and campaigns for our audiences. Of course, how this can impact our business depends on how we use this to our advantage.