Why WordPress Platform Is The Best For Building Websites?

Why WordPress Platform Is The Best For Building Websites

If you’re planning on building a website, you’ve probably read a bit about web development. The tricky thing about business websites is that a lot of web hosting services actually exist, and sometimes a lot of them offer a lot of good features with decent prices. Although, if you ask our team at Pnetform web development, we’d arrive with one consensus: you should definitely go for WordPress development. There are a couple of reasons why WordPress should be your go-to for building your very own website.

  • Why WordPress For Web Development?
  • Use WordPress: The Majority Rely On It For A Reason

Why WordPress For Web Development?

A lot of brands interested in having their own websites might be confused with the number of CMS (content management systems) available for their usage. So why WordPress, of all tools? Here are some reasons that might help convince you:

You can access WordPress for free, and it stays free

This is what makes WordPress such an attractive CMS, as it’s really free for use. Website owners are free to download the program and install it, and they can use it whenever they need to.

  • Thing is, while the software in itself is free, you still need a web host and a domain name. These make sense, though, as a lot of web hosting services and domain name providers exist, and your needs on these matters may differ.
  • Some sophisticated WordPress plugins and themes also cost money to use and install. However, WordPress in itself is free to use.
  • This alone can save you a lot in terms of costs, especially if you’ve handled a CMS with costs before.

You can use WordPress across multiple niches

Did you know that almost a third of all websites in the world are WordPress-based? That’s right, 26.4-percent of the internet apparently uses WordPress – including Forbes and Sony Music.

  • In fact, it appears 30-percent of the top 1,000 sites on the internet are also powered by WordPress.
  • The CMS can also handle the usage of various media types, thanks to its handy uploader. You can upload and use video, audio, and images without a hitch. You can also embed audio from Soundcloud, Tweets, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and even Facebook posts by posting the link directly on the text editor.

You can customize your WordPress website to your leisure

Users register 1.1-million new WordPress domains every month, and a lot of this might have to do with how easy it is to use WordPress in the first place.

  • WordPress has a lot of features and plugins that users can mix and match to make their websites. This not only makes website experiences more personal, but also accessible and flexible.
  • In fact, a huge population of WordPress users don’t even have prior web development or programming knowledge. Sometimes, users learn how to handle programming and development on the fly, not prior to using WordPress. This makes it an attractive website for those who want a website but haven’t got the time to learn intensive programming.
  • Themes and plugins from WordPress make it very easy to change how a website looks according to your tastes.

You can rely on WordPress for your SEO needs

In fact, Google and WordPress blend well together. Did you know 583-million search results in Google are somehow related to a WordPress website?

  • Not only that, but former Google webspam team leader Matt Curtis said sites with WordPress get higher rankings because it can handle 80 to 90-percent of issues Google has with ranking. This is because WordPress code is written with standard compliance and high quality scripts, meaning the foundation of WordPress sites are already optimized for SEO.
  • Not only that, you can tap into other plugins to enhance your chances of ranking much faster.

Your security remains a priority

In fact, you won’t experience a lot of security woes when you handle a WordPress website. Given a lot of websites – especially top-tier ones – rely on WordPress for their management, you know WordPress has got their security in mind.

  • Your content and information will remain protected for as long as you use the platform. In fact, the site enjoys frequent security updates.
  • You can even install both free and paid plugins to boost your security, such as ones that inform you via email whenever someone logs into your website, both authorized and unauthorized.

You can manage your WordPress website extremely easily

You can manage your WordPress website extremely easily

WordPress users will likely make 1.39-million new posts every day, and around 60.5-million comments each month. WordPress sites become a haven of interactivity and engagement, thanks to its accessible features.

  • In fact, WordPress has a built-in management system for updates, allowing you to update, install, and remove plugins and themes from your admin dashboard without a hitch.
  • You can easily update your clients, and even make backups for your website should you become worried about hacking concerns.

Use WordPress: The Majority Rely On It For A Reason

You might be surprised most websites actually use WordPress, especially given how some sites actually look drastically different than others. However, that’s exactly why WordPress works with a lot of web development options. Business websites can enjoy both good form and functionality thanks to WordPress. Moreover, it allows developers to maximize flexibility when it comes to building their sites according to their needs.