Web Design Trend in 2019

Web Design Trend in 2019

Your business’s presence on the internet begins with a mindful website. That’s why you should be more aware than anyone on the trend of Web Design, from visual design, algorithm updates to best practices.

User Experience (UX) has become a dominant keyword in website design. When saying UX, it is all about prioritized speed, Mobile-First design, asymmetrical layouts, immersive video backgrounds, and more.

Web Design and Its Speed

Bombarded with numerous information, we have found ourselves increasingly less patient in waiting for an extra second. How impatient your customers are? They can merely allow three seconds of loading time. Speed of loading has become rule number one in optimizing user experience. 50% of users expect that when they click on a site, it should load no more than two seconds, users will abandon a site if it takes three or more seconds to load, a study carried out by Akamai and Gomez.com has revealed.

A slow website will frustrate your customers and result in the loss of revenue. Even worse, your website’s ranking will be affected. In 2018, Google Speed Update has taken effect. it prioritizes rankings for sites in terms of their speed of loading. Next to Google, other search engines are believed to follow suit.

The new rule will kick all heavy-loading websites out from their ranking. To web developers, loading speed needs to be a design parameter—a beautiful design with a speedy loading will both look good and rank well.

While photos and videos will stay in the web trend, make sure they have been compressed and optimized in size. Also abandon bloated JavaScript.

Web Flat Design

Web Flat Design

Minimalist designs or flat designs refer to websites that are using clean and simple approach as the design principle. Flat designs focus on minimalism and usability. Because they are fast-loading, they can increase both SEO value and your ranking. This’s why flat design has started to become popular and will continue to be trendy into 2019.

A flat design can be more challenging than those of slow-loading hi-res image-based designs. It is a design aesthetic that emphasizes the use of bright colors, sharp edges and space, and requests a mindful selection on palette, imagery and fonts.

Since flat design doesn’t rely on pictures, the data-loading burden is reduced to minimal. Customers will be happy to the quick-loading experience offered by the website. As discussed before, these data-light, fast-loading designs will be well-perceived by Google or other search engines in their ranking mechanisms.

Mobile First

Mobile search has out-performed desktop search since 2015. In view of latest trend, Google has changed the rule of their ranking- mobile sites are in higher priority over sites that are not mobile friendly. All give a strong ground for Mobile First web design trend.

Mobile first web design is a fundamental change on the design roadmap. It starts with designing the site for the mobile user first, adapting the design to desktop version will be the next step.

In 2019, the web design trends also include asymmetrical layouts, use of geometric shapes, single page design, video backgrounds and micro-animations, chatbots and machine learning.

The web design trend will optimize user experience and the conversion rate. Don’t overlook them in your web design.  

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